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Miltank-- How to get one?

I'm not sure and and I really want one-- can I even get one?

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Routes 38, 39, and 47 have Miltank.

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They are hard to beat lol. wild miltank killed most of my pokemon even though mind were higher level.

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Use Special Moves (and either Taunt or Heal Block for Routes 38 and 39), but do NOT use Fire or Ice Type Moves because of the potential for Thick Fat Ability. Ghost Type Pokemon are also risky to use due to Scrappy Ability (you'd know this fact from Battling Whitney if you used one there, highly recommended to get this Ability for yourself). Rock and/or Steel Type Pokemon will help immensely when you are at the Pokeball-throwing stage of the Battle.

Wild Miltank will be Level 13 at Routes 38 and 39. These Miltank have Growl, Defense Curl, Stomp, and Milk Drink.
Wild Miltank will be Level 35 at Route 47. These Miltank have Rollout, Body Slam, Zen Headbutt, and Captivate.

Be careful. Miltank's Catch Rate is 45/255 (same as Stantler, Smeargle, Gyarados, and several others).

Best Pokeballs to use (from best to worst at the optimal conditions for each):
1st Place - Love Balls (Pnk Apricorn to Kurt) if you have a Male Pokemon in Battle
1st Place - Level Balls (Red Apricorn to Kurt) if you are at Routes 38 and 39 and have a Level 53+ Pokemon in Battle
3rd Place - Fast Balls (Wht Apricorn to Kurt) because Miltank's Base Speed is 100
3rd Place - Quick Balls (various Pokemarts for 1,000 Poke each) in the first 5 Turns
3rd Place - Timer Balls (prize drawings at Goldenrod Dept. Store 6F on Saturdays, Second prize, 300 Poke per draw) after 40 Turns
6th Place - Dusk Ball (various Pokemarts for 1,000 Poke each) at Night (20:00-03:59)
7th Place - Ultra Ball

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