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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find a dusk ball?

Where can i find a dusk ball?

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From: grandpajenkins0 4 years ago

Johto: Goldenrod Department Store lottery (Friday,) Blackthorn City Poke Mart, Safari Zone Gate (woman with butterfree,) Frontier Access Poke Mart

Kanto: Vermilion, Lavender, and Fuchsia Poke Marts

Pokewalker Routes: Scary Cave (4000+ Steps) & Quiet Cave (2000+ Steps)

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the Following Pokemarts
Blackthorne, the gate area of the Safari Zone and Battle Fronteir, Vermillian, Lavender Fuscia, and Saffron

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just fly to Safari Zone entrance and there's a woman(? or a man... i forgot) and talk to her she sells dusk balls there

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