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Asked: 3 years ago

Breeding Eevee?

Is it possible to breed Eevee (male) with Ditto?

Accepted Answer

From: kingkrown24 3 years ago

Yes because ditto has no gender but say if you breed it with a female type pokemon and they both hate eacthoher, you'll still get an egg so that's cool same goes if you breed it with a girl I'm guess it tranfoms into your pokemon then changes it's gender to have the egg. Cause normally say if you paired up a guy hypno and a girl kirlia they may be both psychic types but since they are not from the same egg group you'll get no egg as for ditto you can pair it up with any pokemon I think legendary's as well but the only difference is, is that if the 2 pokemon hate eachother you'll get your egg for quite some time but if they like eachother it won't take long for them to produce the egg, so yeah eevee paired up with ditto will for sure give you an egg but the quickness of it coming out depends if they like eachother.

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