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All All Questions for Pokemon HeartGold Version.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Beat the pokemon league? 0
Is my team Underleveled? *new* 0
Need Help Beating Elite 4? -Pokemon HeartGold 0
Best team for fighting red? 3
Can i defeat Red with this party ? 3
Delibird Present VS Red? 3
Fronteir brains? 4
Good team for the Elite Four? 1
How can I beat the elite 4? 1
How do i beat red in pokemo heartgold? 1
How do I beat th elite 4? 6
How do I beat the Elite Four? 1
How do I beat the elite four? my team sucks and I can't do it 1
How do i defeat Jasmine from Olivine City? 3
How do i find Suicune? 1
I need help beating clair with my pokemon what should i do? 10
I need to beat Red, what do i need to do? 7
Lance ? 2
Lance Battle Rating? 6
Please rate my team for the elite four? 5
Potential Team Rating? 4
Raikou used Roar on my higher-levelled Pokemon and it worked. Why? 1
Rate my team....(again)? 6
Rate my team? ( For E4 Rematch) 4
Suggestions for my red team? 1
What are tweaks and how do I do them?? 3
What level should my pokemon be at when i verse blue? 8
What Trainers give me meds? (Hp Up, Protein, etc.) 4
Which attack is better for my Hitmonlee?? 18
>>>Can I Send My HO-OH TO Emerald ? 2
*Is my team enough? 14
A Can you rebattle all the gym leaders again? 3
A how do i see my friend code? 4
A shinx? 2
A Where is the 7th gym in kanto? 6
AAA-Battle Tower Help? 10
Action Replay Codes? 5
After you beat red on top of mt.silver, is the game over? 3
Am i ready for the Elite 4? 1
Any help recovering my Kyogre?? 2
Any tips for wifi battling? 1
Arceus..? 7
At which point will Raikou and Entei be determin shiny or not? 1
Battleing Margenta? 3
Best stradedy to beat red? 4
Best way to catch a suicune? 4
Blaine is not in gym to battle for a bage? 2
Blue Help? 7
Can anyone please rate my team?? 6
Can I have more than 1 rematch per Gym Leader? 1
Can I trade with the GBA game without the Natinal Pokedex? 2
Can red be rebattled? 1
Can someone approve my team for the elite four? 20
Can someone help me with the elite four? 1
Can Togetic breed? 1
Can u please rate my team? 11
Can u plz rate my team...i need 2 fight red? 18
Can u still get the 3 dogs luigia ho-oh and mewtwo on this 1 like in the orignal? 10
Can you catch all three legendarie dogs? 1
Can you please answer these questions?? 5
Can you please rate my Granbull for in game play? 1
Can you plz rate my team?? 19
Can You Rate My Team For Red PLZ?! 18
Can you repeat failed attempts at legendary Pokemon? 11
Could I beat Red with this team ? (UPDATED) 3
Could I beat Red with this team? 1
Do eggs have locked in natures? 1
Do the IVs and natures of legendaries(mainly ho-oh) change after the elite 4? 4
Do you have a boy Totodile you can trade to me? 4
Do you think I can beat RED with THESE ? LOL 3
Does anyone have a list of places where I can fight double battles? 2
Does my Rival ever get any stronger? 4
Does Snorlax re-spawn in the place he was in R/B/Y? 3
Double battle with rival? 5
Dratinti or Dragonite? 6
Easy catch? 2
Elite four bulid up? (first time) 3
Elite Four- Rebattling and legendary reset questions? 3
Elite four? 1
Evolving Feebas? 3
Friend Codes? 6
Friendcodes Please? 17
Gengar or Sneasle? 4
Good beggining team? 2
Good Enough for the E4 redux? 4
Good Ice pokemon? 1
Hayley? 2
How and where can I get a BadEgg without and with Action Replay?? 7
How can I catch Minun and Plusle? 1
How can I catch Pikachu and how do I wake up the Snorlax outside the Diglet cave?? 1
How can I get a Mewtwo with selfdestruct ? 8
How can I re battle the trainers? 2
How can you rebattle your rival? 2
How do I beat (Elite four)? 7
How do I beat (Lance)? 4
How do I beat clair? 1
How do I beat claire? 22
How do I beat Elite 4 redux with this team? 4
How do I beat get treeco? 5
How do I beat Jasmine with my team? 1
How do I beat Joey's Rattata? 16
How do I beat Miltank!? 1
How do I beat morty the gym leader inecruteak city? 10
How do I beat PKMN Trainer Red? 3
How do I beat Red with this team? 3
How do I beat Red? 3
How do I beat Red?{The Trainer on top Mt.Sliver} 3
How do I beat Sabrrina? 2
How do I beat snorlax outside cave at vermillion city? 10
How do I beat the elite four and Lance? 6
How do I beat the elite four?\ 4
How do I beat the Skill Course? 10
How do i catch Entei? 9
How do i catch him? 6
How do I catch ho oh? 2
How do I catch Ho-Oh,and where do I get Lugia?? 2
How do I catch Kyogre? 5
How do I Catch Suicune? 1
How do I catch Trapinch/Vibrava? 6
How do I catch Zapdos? 1
How do I defeat red? 5
How do I evolve an evee to glacion and leafeon? 4
How do I find mew? 1
How do I Find or get to battle viridian gym leader? 3
How do I get blue's phone number? 4
How do I get celebi? 1
How do I get easy Battle Points and easy Voltorb Flip coins?? 14
How do I get garchomp? 1
How do I get Groudon? 3
How do I get Gym Leaders Phone Numbers?? 4
How do I get Ho-oh,Mewtwo,Lugia,Mew,Kyogre,all the legendary dogs and all the legendaries?? 5
How do I get to Blackthorn City?? There is a guy in the way... 1
How do I get to the Vermilion gym Leader?? 4
How do I increase the speed of my Empoleon? 10
How do I turn my Feebas into Milotic? 3
How do you get Reds number?? 3
How should I go about defeating Red? 1
How should I train my team to defeat Falkner? 1
How to catch Lugia? 2
I am lost in Bell Tower. Anybody helps?? 3
I am lost in Cerulean Cave.Anybody has some tips?? 7
I need help finding a physical wall? 6
If I am in Kanto,can I fly to places in Johto?? If no,how?? And if yes,how too?? 2
If I have enough Watts to get 2 Pokewalker Courses do I get both? 3
If killed will it come back? 1
In which route or where can I find a Ditto?? 2
Is Action Replay legal on Pokemon games?? 8
Is my friend hacking?? 9
Is my team enough for Red?? 6
Is my team enough to beat red? 1
Is my team good enough for the elite four?(First time) 7
Is my team good? 2
Is my team good?? 7
Is my team good??? 10
Is Red (ash) in this game like the gameboy version? 2
Is RED rematchable (after E4)? 3
Is steven in this game? 1
Is their a different set of leagues for kanto? 3
Is there a way to get Dialga/Palkia/Giratina in HeartGold? 6
Is there STAB for normal type attacks? 1
Is this a good team to beat the Elite 4 the second time? 3
Is this a good team to beat the elite four/ champion with? 2
Is this enough to beat Pkmn Trainer Red? 6
Is this game a remake of pokemon gold, crystal, and silver version? 4
Is this game out?!? 2
Is trainer red still in this game? 2
It's about Red...? 4
IVs and Nature of the Legendary Dog Roamers? 2
Kygore/Rayquaza sidequest help needed, see inside? 5
Kyogre/Groudon? 1
Legendary help? 6
Lt Surge? 1
Missingno?? 2
My Pokemon Party? 3
Ok I have beaten Chuck and then pyrce...? 1
Please! Can anyone give me a Trapinch or a Vibrava? 6
Pokewalker not acurrate or a problem?? 3
Rate my team for Red plz? 9
Rate my team for Red PLZZZZ?? 2
Rate My Team Plz??? 5
Rate my team???? 1
Red dissapeared???? 2
Red team ? 9
Redd? 2
Replay dude again about red? 2
Rock Climb? 2
Should I buy this game or SoulSilver?? 11
Should i buy? 2
Should I do this? 1
Should I teach my machoke focus punch? 1
Sixth gym leader in Kanto? 2
Team to fight Red? 12
Tell me what i need for red? 2
Thats it?? No more?? 3
Togepi questions? 1
Unknowns? 1
VS Seeker or Amult coin? 2
What is the best way to catch the 3 legendary dogs if you use the master ball on ho-oh? 3
What is the proper order to beat the kanto gyms? 2
What lengendary? 3
What level are Red's pokemon so i am prepared? 2
What level whould i be if im about to battle Clair(8th Gym)? 2
What levels do these Pokemon need to be? I'm fighting Clair 1
What the......?? 4
Whats The Best Grass Pokemon On This Game? 5
When can i start rematching gym leaders? 2
When do the Elite Four get pumped? 3
When do the Rematch Trainers get stronger? 5
When I can get rematches for the gyum leaders? 2
Where and how can I catch Rotom?? 3
Where and how can I get a BadEgg?? 11
Where can I buy just a Pokewalker in Australia, and how to beat Giovanni? 2
Where can I find a good Water-Type Pokemon? 5
Where do I find moltres? 4
where do I find the last boss? 5
Where does Suicune go and is he powerful?? 2
Where else can I find a febass other than the Pokewalker ? 2
Where is the best place to train? READ DESCRIPTION! 6
Where is the Elite 4 in Kanto?? 8
Where to train for Blue? 1
Which route or place is long for hatching an egg?? 4
Who is Missingno and how do I get him?? 9
Why did they put the name of the guy in the top of Mt. Silver Red instead of Ash?? 7
Wich unown are unlocked by each puzzle? 6
Will my poor pokemons defeat e4 like this? 1
Will the Kanto Gym Leaders be weaker? And will Red still be on Mt. Silver? 4
Will this party be able to even hold a candle to the Elite 4 redux? 3
Witch is better? 6

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
AR codes help? 8
Could you battle Cynthia? 4
Getting groudon? 5
How do I find the path that takes me to Tyrogue in Mt. Mortar? 3
How do I Get Beldum ang Bagon? 4
How do I get pass the guy at the violet city? 2
How do I solve the safari zone blocks? 1
How do I solve to bring back hoho? 3
How much is the fee if you get beaten in the elite four? 2
How to get more coins in Goldenrod Game Corner? 1
What can they do? 2
What team should I use for heart gold? 1
Where is the cerulean cave? 2
Where should I go after I got Mineral Badge? 4
where/how can i get Hitmonchan, hitmonlee or scissor? 3
Why didn't i get Suicune in Route 25? 4
2 Thingies? 3
2 Things? 2
28 Unown? 2
About Bill's Gramps...? 1
Action replay event codes? 2
After obtaining the first 8 badges? 3
All 28? 6
Any shiny pichu? 2
Anybody got a Deoxys? 2
Arceus and ruins problem!? 3
Arceus in this game? 1
Arceus? 2
Beauty? 2
Blue Writting? 1
Breeding Chansey? 2
Breeding moves question...? 2
Can i get Suicune if i forget to talk to Eisine then go Route 25? 2
Can I unlock the Night Sky's Edge (Pokewalker course) on an english copy of the game with a japanese event Jirachi? 6
Can my Togetic evolve? 6
Can suicune learn ice-beam? 4
Can you help me get the last 2 Unown? 1
Dawn stoon? 2
Do I have to catch Suicune to get Misty to show up? 1
Does the fishing guru at the "Lake of Rage" really give you an elixir? 1
DS pokemon transfer? 1
Following shiny? 1
Get rid of snorlax? 1
Go to elite? 3
Happiness rating? 13
Hey,EV training help? 2
Hoenn Starters? 2
How can i go to route 19,please help?! 1
How can you unlock everything in the safari zone? 8
How do I battle people around the world? 1
How do I become the new safari zone owner? 5
How do I calculate the voltorb flip? 2
how do I catch kyogre and groudon or evn rayquaza? 1
How do I feed the Miltank the Oran Berries? 2
How do I find latias? 10
How do I find Misty? 2
How do I find or Get Ho-oh? 2
How do I find the name Changer? 1
How do i fix the power plant? 2
How do I get into the gym to battle Witney in Goldenrod City? 2
How do I get latias on the map?? 2
How do I get misty to show up (kanto region)? 1
How do I get past the police in the raio tower?(kanto) 3
How do I get the tidal bell in Heartgld? 6
How do I get the train working? 2
How do I get to Articuno? 2
How do I get to Lugia? 1
How do I get to this place? 2
How do i give water to a strange pokemon tree after i get the third badg and cross the natural parc ? 3
How do I Migrate pokemon from FireRed? 1
How do I open the sealed doors in the Ruins of Alph? 7
How do I Reset my POKEWALKER? 1
How do I rotate the titles in the Ruins of Alph puzzles? 3
How do I solve Dratini question? 2
How do I solve getting through Icy Path/Ice Cave? 1
How do I solve the casino game? 4
How do I solve the Ho-Oh puzzle in Runis of Alph? 3
How do I solve the oust for the kimono girls? 2
How do I solve the puzzle saying "water" in the Ruins of Alph? 1
How do I solve the ruins of alph mystery? 4
How do I solve the spearow with mail? 4
How do I trade or battle online using nintendo ds Lite? 2
How do you change your quote? 1
How do you get past the guy in mahogany town to get to blackthorn city? 3
How do you get to the 6th gym leader? 1
How do you get to the other...? 2
How i complete ho-oh puzzle ??? 3
How to breed to get a Medicham with Psycho Cut and Baton Pass? 2
How to get Blue's number? 6
How to get the Togepi Egg? 5
how to get to Veridian/Pewter City? 1
I am wondering which item I have to use in the Ruins of Alph? 2
If I KO Lugia and go beat the elite four will he return? 11
Is it true you can go to other regions? 2
Is the Kanto region available in HG/SS? 3
Is their a way 2 get celebi and arceus? 2
Is there a way to get shiny pokemon from in-game events? 1
Is there a way to get shiny pokemon other than the red gyradose? 1
Is this a good chikorita starter team? 6
Latias????? HELP!!! 1
Leaf Stone? 1
Leafeon/Gaceon? 2
Lyra and her calls? 4
Lyra's Location? 5
Maybe a problem with Safari Zone, am I doing something wrong? 4
Medican? 1
Movie Arceus? 6
Oak's letter? 3
Pokedex filling question? 1
Pool on top of Mt. Moon? 1
Ruins of Alph help? 1
Secret Word? 2
Shiny Gyarados in Rage Lake, Catchable? 9
Shiny? 1
The entrance for the ! and ? unown won't open 2
The Master in saffron City? 1
To find gible in the safari zone, do i really have to wait 100 days or can i just adjust the calendar? 5
Viridian gym help? 4
What and how? 2
What are shiny pokemon? 6
What are the pokeathlon bonuses? 5
What are the times for the rematches against the Gym Leaders? 5
What day is the poke flute music on on the radio? 7
What do I do after I beat Chuck? 1
What do I do when I get all the unknowns? 1
What do I use? 2
What do you do after getting that thing back to the power plant? 1
What does the Pokeathlon do, and what are the best pokemon for it? 4
What exactly needs to be done in order to get all 5 stars on my trainer card? 1
What happens when u catch all the unknown? 1
What is the broken radio for? 2
What is the easiest way to win the Bug Catching Contest? 1
What kind of Arceus...? 5
What Moves Can Be Used Outside Combat? 2
What should I do after beating Falkner...???? 1
What to do after completing the entire game? 3
What's with the house on route 8? 4
Whats wrong with my charizard? 2
When can I Get the Gold Feather on my Pokemon Heart Gold? 8
When does ponyta evolve? 2
When is the Arceus event????????????????????? 4
When will i be able to trade form Diamond to heart gold? 6
When will the Rally/Sightseeing Pokewalker courses come to the US? 1
Where are the ?, and ! unown? 1
Where are the Kimono Girls? 1
Where can i find a torchic, treeko or mudkip??? 1
Where can I revive fossils in this game? 1
Where do i find the day of the week siblings? 1
Where do I get the Arceus? 5
Where does the thief go after you see him in the Cerulean gym? 2
Where is a good place to train for Elite Four? 2
Where is Mnt. silver? 5
Where is the best plaecs? 6
Where is the day care? 3
Where is the Move Tutor located? 3
Where is the power plant located? 1
Which Move Is USed To Climb The Rugged Walls In The Game? 4
Which National Dex Pokemon can only be found in the Safari Zone? 2
Why won't Safari Warden call me? 4
Will the Arceus event happen again? just like the other events 3

Item Location Help Answers
Where Do i find the Covenant orb In Sacred Gold? 0
Can somebody send me a deoxys on heart gold? I don't care if it's hacked but I don't have much to give you. 13
Can someone trade me the TM Earthquake? 5
Day of the week sibling ribbons? 3
DUSK and LOVE balls. Will you help me understand my balls? 1
Egg help? 1
Having problems with event aceus AR code?!?! 3
How do i put heartgold on to my action replay? 4
How many arceus? 3
Pokeathalon prizes? 1
Rare Candy Question? 3
Shuckle and Oran Berries and Rare Candy? 2
What do i do with the Rage Candy Bar? 4
What pokemon do these Items go to? 1
Where can I find (azure flute )? 5
Where can I find (berreys)? 5
Where can I find (luxury ball)? 5
Where can I find a fast ball? 5
Where can I find a lucky egg? 3
Where can I find a net ball and quick ball? 1
Where can I find Elixers? 4
Where can I find oran berries? 2
Where can I find Rayquaza? 2
Where can I find Surf? 1
Where can I find surges clair and blues number? 3
Where can I find the machiene part? 2
Where can I find the pokemon contest? 2
Where can i find the team rocket clothes ? 2
Where can i get a shiny stone? 4
Where to do you find HM strength? 3
A good strategy for hatching a shiny charmander? 1
A little shiny pokemon help? 1
After i transfer a pokemon to the pokewalker how do i put it back on the game? 1
Ahm....Where can I find a Life Orb? 2
All Tm's action replay code? 1
Amulet coin & Luck incense? 1
Apricorn Shakes? 2
ApriShakes? 3
Ar codes for events? 2
Are items lost on wifi (knock off) lost forever? 3
Are there going to be any new TM in ss gh? 1
Attack Type Booster Items? 3
Berry Pots, do they expand? 1
Berserk Gene ? 1
Boaba ain't givin' me blocks? 2
Bug catching prize? 4
Can a Light Ball boost Pichu or Raichu's Atk / Sp.Atk stats? 1
Can anyone trade me a metal coat or munchlax? 2
Can anyone trade me an arceus event or non event for anything u ask and if i have ill be happy to trade? 1
Can i get more than one of evry evolutionary stone? 1
Can i use sacred ash in battle? 1
Can pokewalker connect with people and battle thier pokemon? 4
Can somebody trade me a deoxys? 3
Can someone explain this to me (Aprijuice related)? 1
Can the GB Sounds be use over WIFI? 3
Can You Get The Rainbow Wing Like You Got In Crystal,Silver, And Gold? 2
Can you store items in the PC again? 2
Catch rate of dusk ball and heavy ball? 2
Champion Ribbon? 2
Cherish ball and GTS? *SPOILERS* 2
Defeated the Red Gyarados and have the scale, but can't trade the scale for the EXP. SHARE? 7
Do Rare Candies make a Pokemon weaker? 7
Do watts on the pokewalker go away if you take the pokemon out? 1
Does anyone have TMs or can you give me TM locations? 1
Does this game have an item that lets you rebattle trainers you've already beaten? 3
Dusk ball? 5
Easy Way to Collect Shards? 2
Emi forgot how to reply but i have a meganium for your arceus for trade? 5
Enigma stone?? 3
Evolution items? 4
Evolutionary Stones? 1
EXP share and EVs? 2
Exp share and lv100 pokemon? 1
Exp share? 2
Exp. Share usage? 3
EXP. Share? 5
Fisher Tully and Water Stone? 2
Fossils? 2
Game Corner Coins? 2
Griseous Orb? 2
Help catching entei/raikou? 1
How can I evolve Murkrow using Dusk Stone? 2
How can I find Dialga,Palkia,or Giratina? 4
How can i find razor claw and electrizer on heartgold or soulsilver? 1
How can I get a Magnet Train Pass and my Hoenn starter?? 4
How can i get event arceus without cheating? 2
How can I get Shelgon and Gible in safari zone? Please answer if you know how. 2
How can I get the Footprint Ribbon? 5
How can I get to golden city ? 3
how come the VS. Recorder won't record my Wi-Fi battles? 3
how do get Blue's number? 1
How do I find a Riolu? 2
How do i get celebi in my pokedex? 2
How do I get electrivers and magmarizers to evolve electabuzz and magmar? 1
How do i get out of these team rocket clothes? 2
How do I get pokegear? 3
How do I get the phone #s of the Johto Gym Leaders? 2
How do I get to Kyogre? 4
How do I obtain a Gracidea? 2
How do i use the dowsing machine? 1
How do i use the magmarizer? 1
How do i view the diploma? 1
How do Nest Balls affect catch rate? They say... 2
How Do You Get A Lot Of Rare Candys? 5
How do you get your saved money from Mom? (already told her to quit saving my money) 3
How do you send/recive wifi event cards from friends? 1
How many Masterballs can you earn in pokemon Heartgold? 5
How to get POKEWALKER? 2
How to use PickUp? 2
I am looking for the TM Earthquake can anybody trade me one? 2
I need to get shaymin turn to sky form but how? 2
I used a repel but it's not going into effect why? 4
I'm in desperate need of a leafstone on pokemon heartgold can someone help me? 6
Ice path B2 item? 2
If u restart your game will your pokewalker restart too? 1
Is it possible to find multiple shiny leaves in the same location? 2
Is there a faster way to use rock smash? 3
Is there a rich couple in this game? 1
Is there actullay a 100 ft bell sprout ? 3
Is there an equivalent to the PokeRadar in this game? 1
Item Breeding? 1
Item Evolution? 1
Item on Route 42? 3
Item Transfers? 2
Items brought via savings? 2
LF Event Pokemon FT Shiny Deoxys? 1
Lock Capsule? 2
Lost Pokewalker? 1
Lucky eggs? 2
Manaphy Egg? 2
Masterball? 3
Moomoo milk? 1
mystery gift HELP!!!!!!!!!? 2
Name Rater? 1
Obtaining Celebei? 2
Ok, what? 2
Oval Stone???? 1
Pick-up ability? 2
Pokewalker Bug? 10
Pokewalker onlly for pre orders? 2
Power items? 1
RageCandyBar!?!?!?!? 1
Rock Climbing? 2
Safari Zone Blocks? 3
Shiny Leaf..? 1
Shiny Leaf? 1
Silver Feather? 2
Soul Dew? 1
Starter Pokemon? 1
Sticky barb? 4
Type changing plates for Arceus? 2
Unattended phone calls? 3
Unique Moves? 2
Unown report? 1
Up-Grade??? 1
Vanishing item? 1
What about the regis? 2
What am I supposed to do with the helix fosil? 2
What are all of the firestone locations? 4
What are shining leafs? 1
What are the best places to find each type of Apricorn? 2
What are the blank PC backgrounds? 3
What are the event items called? Can they be traded? 5
What decides when Fisherman Tully gives you a water stone? 2
What dies the item Gracidea do? 2
What do I do with the mushrooms? 1
What do i do with this? 2
What do shining leaves do exactly? 2
What do the stones do? 1
What does the rage candy do and how do you use it? 4
What does the ragecandybar do? 1
What else do I need? 2
What happens if a Pokemon using Choice Band/Scarf/Specs gets Disabled? 1
What is Focus Punch's catch? 8
What is Hoenn sound? 1
What is in the odd egg?And wherre can i ger it? 1
What is the fastest way to get the leaf stone? 4
What is the mystery gift? 3
What is the second item I need to summon Ho-oh? 1
What item do I need for Move Relearner? 1
What kind of mulch is best to use? 2
What Pokemon are not in HeartGold? 1
What should I use masterball for? 23
Whats the easyest way ta get a lucky egg? 3
Whats with the "!" on certain routes on the pokenav? 1
When do you get to use the pokewalker? 2
When is the earliest point I can get a shiny stone? 2
When...? 2
Where and How can I get some Heart Scales?? 2
Where and when can I find Lt. Surge, Clair, and Blue's numbers? 3
Where are the move tutors? 2
Where can I buy coins for the Goldenrod Game Corner? 1
Where can I buy harmful items like "sticky barbs" or "lagging tails"? 2
Where can i catch a Dratini? 1
Where can i catch a Spinarak? 1
Where can I find (Bug Pokemon Contest)? 1
Where can I find (fishing rods)? 1
Where can I find (HM rock smash)? 2
Where can I find (item name? 1
Where can I find (king's rock)? 1
Where can I find (Lax Incense)? 1
Where can I find (move climb)? 2
Where can I find (razor fang)? 1
Where can I find (scale)? 4
Where can I find (Seals?) 1
Where can I find (shiny stone)? 3
Where can I find (Substitute)? 1
Where can I find (the bicicle)? 2
Where can I find (the magnet train pass)? 2
Where can I find (VS.seeker)? 1
Where can I find a (light ball)? 3
Where can I find a Chikorita? 1
Where can I find a dawn stone? 2
Where can I find a dragon scale? 1
Where can I find a dusk ball? 3
Where can I find a fire stone and the magmarizer? 1
Where can I find a fire/water stone before beating the Elite Four? 6
Where can I find a firestone so i can evolve my growlithe? 2
Where can I find a Heart Scale? 6
Where can I find a light ball? 4
Where can I find a magby?? 1
Where can I find a metal coat? 6
Where can I find a moonstone? 1
Where can I find a razor fang? 1
Where can I find a salac berry? 1
Where can I find a sea incense? 2
Where can I find a seal case? 1
Where can I find a shiny ho-oh? 2
Where can I find a Smeargle? 2
Where can I find a vs seeker? 3
Where can I find a Water stone? 1
Where can I find a waterstone? 3
Where can I find all rare candies? 2
Where can I find all the HM's? 1
Where can I find an Ampharos? 3
Where can I find an item that levels my Pokemon up faster ? 2
Where can I find another protector? 3
Where can I find any of the stones, water ect? 1
Where can I find aprishaker? 1
Where can I find Bill in goldenrod? 1
Where can I find certain gym leaders to add to the phone list? 3
Where can I find choice specs? 1
Where can I find Ditto? 3
Where can I find Earthquake and Sludge Bomb TMs? 2
Where can i find Electrizer? 2
Where can I find exp share? 3
Where can I find Gracidea flower? 5
Where can I find Heart Scale? 2
Where can I find ice beam? 1
Where can I find missing machine part in cerulean gym? 4
Where can I find moon stone? 2
Where can I find more PP ups? 2
Where can i find old or good rod? 2
Where can I find Pokewalker and Full Inscense ? 2
Where can I find Rayquazza ? 2
Where can I find Rock Smash the HM? 3
Where can I find rock smash? 2
Where can I find sinnoh pokemon? 2
Where can I find Strength? 2
Where can I find suicune? 3
Where can I find Sun Stone? 7
Where can I find Sunny of Sunday on route 37? 1
Where can I find the "Week" people? 1
Where can I find the amulet coin? 1
Where can I find the bell for HO-OH? 2
Where can I find the dratini with extreme speed? 1
Where can I find the electirizer? 2
Where can I find the energy ball TM? 2
Where can I find the enigma stone? 2
Where can I find the Expert Belt? 2
Where can I find the flute to wake up pokemon? 3
Where can I find the GBPlayer? 1
Where can I find the Good Rod? 1
Where can I find the hidden power person? 1
Where can I find the HM fly? 1
Where can i find the jublife tv lotterry? 2
Where can I find the last shining leaf? 24
Where can I find the master ball? 1
Where can I find the national dex? 5
Where can I find the PokeFlute and how can I open the Unown puzzlez? 2
Where can I find the pokeflute? 2
Where can I find the poketrainer green... or is he in heartgold/soulsilver? 4
Where can I find the power lens? 1
Where can I find the quick ball? 2
Where can I find the rainbow wing?? 2
Where can I find the reaper cloth to evolve Dusclops? 1
Where can I find the rock climb ability? 2
Where can I find the rock incense in heartgold? 1
Where can I find the seal case? 3
Where can I find the shutters on the third floor in the goldenrod radio tower? 5
Where can I find The Super Rod? 3
Where can I find the tm focus blast? 1
Where can I find the TM for psychic? 3
Where can I find the TM for thunder punch? 2
Where can I find the TM ice beam? 1
Where can I find the TM Sludge Bomb and Thunderbolt? 1
Where can I find The Unowns ? and ! ? 2
Where can I find the water can? 1
Where can I find the watering can ? 1
Where can I find these fossils? 2
Where can I find timer ball? 7
Where can I find TM 61 will-o-wisp? 1
Where can I find TM Dark Pulse??? 1
Where can I find TM Sunny Day? 2
Where can I find TMs? 2
Where can I find totodile without trade? 1
Where can I find Weepinbell? 2
Where can I get an Aerodactyl before the Elite Four? 2
Where can I get berries and fertiziler? 2
Where can I get ribbons? 1
Where can I gt more stat reducing berries? 1
Where can I Latios/Latias? 1
Where can I make poffins? 2
Where do I find a pokeflute? 2
Where do i find HM cut? 2
Where do i go to fing the jotoh gym leaders? 1
Where exactly do I find the Deepseatooth? 1
Where is the headbuttable tree in Viridian Forest? 1
Where is the Move Relearner? 2
Where is the Silver Feather in Pewter City??? 2
Where to do you find HM? 2
Where to finde PROTECTOR?? 1
Where to get the blue or red orb? 1
Which ones? 2
Why can't my misdreavus evolve? 2
Why is it when I put 2 power items on my pokemon only 1 of them works? 1
Why is this? 3
Why wont my pikachu wont learn volt tackle? 3
Wild Magmar and the Magmarizer? 3
Will my Togitic evolve? 6
Will Shuckle yield Berry Juice in this game? 2
Will Shuckle yield Rare Candy in this game? 5
Will Zap Canon return as a TM in HGSS? 2
Wobbuffet egg? 1
Yellow Forest, Pokewalker? 5

Level Help Answers
Where should I level before Clair? 0
Can Pikachu-colored Pichu evolve? 2
Can someone trade me a treeco? 2
How do I get move called thunderbolt? 1
How do you get passed the first maze in the ice path? 2
How do you get past route 19? 1
I need help on pokeatlon because I don't know whick pokemon to use? 2
If I miss a WiFi level for the Pokewalker, is there any other way to get it? 4
Leveling after the elite 4? 2
Need help leveling? 2
Team suggestions? 5
Train a pokemon in the 36 level? 3
Where do I go after beating team rocket in Goldenrod city? 10
Where is the place where you can reteach your pokemon their moves? 4
Where should i Train???? 5
Where to train Pokemon levels 50+? 2
Why won't the Pal Park work??? 1
After catching 26 unown ? 2
Any good places to train? 1
Are they good (2) ? 2
Could you battle Steven Stone? 2
Do I need Surf to get to the grass in the Ruins of Alph? 2
Do I need to fight Ho-oh at the tower? 5
Do the pokemon in the pokewalker gain EVs? 14
Double Hit at 32 for Aipom? 1
EXP. Points? 2
Exp. Share & Base Stats??? 2
How can I fast upgrade objects in the safari zone?? 3
How do I beat the forth gym? 3
How do I catch all the farfetch,d ? 2
How do I defeat the Elite Four? 2
How do I find articuno? 7
How do I get Blue's and Clair's phone number? 1
How do i get into mahogany town gym? 3
How do I get past (the icepath)? 2
How do I get past the construction guys in Fushsia city? 4
How do I get past the electic force fields at the vermillion gym? 5
How do I get past the guy on route 32 ? 1
How do I get past( Lyra to get to Victory Road)? 1
How do I get rainbowings? 5
How do I get Slowpoke to evolve into (Slowking)? 3
How do I get the rainbow wing and the bell tower? 1
How Do I get To Pallet Town After you get off the Ship? 3
How do I get to route 12 ? 1
How do I get to the top of the bell tower? 2
How do I get to the top of the lighthouse? 2
How do I move the Snorlax in front of Diglet cave? 4
How do I navigate seafoam islands? 2
How do I unlock the Supreme Cup in Pokeathlon? 4
How do i? 4
How Do You Find Moltres? 3
How many...? 2
How to get strong enough to beat Red/E4 Redux? 1
How to go there ??? 1
How to my scyther get Bug Buzz ? 3
How to quick level up pokemon? 3
How/where can i train my pokemon? 7
I cant get out of the ice path third area? 1
I didn't pay attention, help? 3
I just beat blue and got rock climb. I want to catch some more legendaries. Who should i go after first? 3
I need help level up-ing? 3
Ice cave can you help? 1
Ihere is the move DELETER? 2
Is the Game Corner in Celadon City the same as the one in Goldenrod(Voltorb Flip Slight Spoiler)? 5
Is there a better place to train before E4 except Victory Road?? 2
Last puzzle? 3
Medicine? 1
Need help with eggs? 3
Not-working door? 2
Ok i really need to know how to get past the ragecandy bar guy in mohagony town? 1
Power lens help? 1
Pre-National Dex evolutions? 5
Shinto Ruins? 1
Trade Issues Help Fast?? 1
What are Lance's Pokemon with their Moves? 1
What Exactly are EV points and IV points? 2
What happens after i beat red (trainer in top of mount silver)? 1
What HMs are needed to beat Mt. Silver? 3
What is the fastest way to level up in the game? 3
What level should my pokemon be? 1
What lvl will they obey you? 5
What other regions can you go to in Heartgold? 3
When does Dragonair evolve? 5
Where are the leafs? 3
Where do you find shadow ball? 3
Where is a good place to train my pokemon? 1
Where is the move tuter that teaches draco meteor? 2
Where is the rainbow wing in HG? 2
Where should I level before Clair? 1

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
Where is Eusine after losing to him in Cianwood City? 0
?Trading 2
Celebi in HG/SS? 3
Doesn't get 8th badge? 12
Eusine? 2
How do I get the Flute music to wake up Snorlax? 6
How do I open the doors at the Team Rocket HQ (Mahogany)? 1
I heard there are 2 regions? 3
I'm confused about my Rival? 7
New Objects? 2
What do I do after I beat the gym leader Pryce? 6
what do i do after i beat the johto elite four? HELP! 7
About Egg Moves? 2
About spiritomb and munchlax? 1
After defeat mahogany gyms, where i need to go? 2
After talk to Lance at lake rage where should i go? 1
Can I breed Latios/Latias with a ditto? 3
Can I get a forgotten move back? 3
Can you go to the hoenn Region in pokemon HeartGold? 1
Do we get to go to all the regions? 2
Does Crasher Wake Do Anything? 2
Egg Move? 1
How ability Fissure work? 2
How calcium,hp up, protein, etc work? 1
How did this happen? 3
How do i get into the room with Giovianni in the Rocket Hideout? 2
How do you get the red orb in heartgold ? 4
How similar is this to the original gold version? 1
How to catch Ho-Oh ? 1
How to get celebi event? 2
I can't find Misty. Where can I find her? 2
I'm stuck in the first few cities of the kanto....? 2
If I play as a girl...? 1
Is this worth it? 1
Is Victory road/Indigo Plateu in Johto as well o.o? 2
Is your rival Giovanni's son??? 5
Johto Leage? 4
Kyogre and Groudon? 3
Safari Zone- Objects? 1
W here can i get a eevee? How many r in the game? And how can i get all of the evolutions? 7
What Am I Supposed To Do? 2
What generations are in this game? 5
What happened to Team Rocket three years ago? 2
What happens after you complete the pokedex? 2
What is a matter with Red? 5
What is Mew Event? 3
Where can I find Misty? 5
Where is Slakoth? 2
Where is the move relearner?? 1
Who are the Battle Tower partners? 2
Who is better snorlax or slaking? 3
Who is Red, Exactly? 1
Why is Gary called blue? 1
Why won't the elder in the Dragon Shrine give me Dratini? 1
Will you get the odd egg? 4

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Any wedlocke tips? 0
Help to improve my team, please!? 0
How do I beat the elite four and champion to unlock kanto? This is hard! 0
How do I beat The Elite Four the 2nd time? 0
Is this a good in game team for Pokemon HeartGold? 0
Is this a good team? 0
Is this a good Wash Rotom? 0
Is this team okay, and should i swap any of the pokemon out? 0
Should I get rid of my Pidgeotto? 0
What are good non legends and non starters to use? 0
? Lucario+Stone Edge= <3 4
Adding pokemon to my team - help? 2
Advice and Help on my Team? 3
Advice on my team? 5
Another team, another game, please help? (Excuse me if this is already here)? 4
Arbok Moveset? 3
Arceus trade, will trade nearly anything?? 1
Articuno? 6
Beedrill Moveset? 1
Best competition team HeartGold? 3
Best natures for...? 2
Best Pokemon for each type? 2
Blastoise Moveset? 2
Butterfree Moveset? 1
Can someone rate my team for Red? 11
Can you EV train level 100s? 5
Can you guys please rate my pokemon? 6
Charizard Moveset? 3
Do I have to wait? 3
Do you think these are good movesets? 4
Does battling your friends pokemon at the trainer house produce EXP? 3
Does Guts stack with Belly drum? 2
Dragonite speed? 4
Earthquake or Stone Edge? 8
EVs defence or HP? 3
Fearow Moveset? 2
Finding a good training place? 2
Help my first competitive team?? 2
Help with battle frontier? 3
Help with my pokemon team? 1
How are people geting sheer cold machokes? 2
How Can I Improve My Pokemon Team? 4
How do I beat The Elite Four the 2nd time? 1
How do I capture entei/raikou???? 9
How do i catch latias? 1
How do I defeat Lt. surge?! 1
How do you battle wifi with six pokemon? 2
How do you get pass the second maze in the ice path? 1
I cant find a single strategy wich will help me beat claire? 5
I need a way to get my daycared pokemon leveled up faster? 6
I need help building a team??? 7
I need to know the level`s of the legendairy`s? 2
IDK bout this...( Mite restart?) 2
If I get an egg traded over, will the ID be mine? 2
is it worth catching the ho oh even when i have a typhlosion As hooh is basicaly a fire type too should i catch it ? 1
Is my Pokemon Team good enough for the Johto Elite Four (Heartgold)? 2
Is my team any good? 2
Is Night Shade a good attack? 4
Is this a good party help me add more pokemons? 3
Is this team balanced?? 2
Lets trade pokemon friend codes? 8
Mew help? 2
MORE help with wifi team? 2
My Battle Tower Challenge Team? 3
My growlithe(soon to be arcanine) move set? 4
Need help with 6th member and rating so far? 3
Need help with Combination teams? 2
Need help with pokemon HG/SS team and e4? 1
Need new places to level up pokemon? 3
New Pokemon Team in HeartGold?? 4
Parent Pokemon not passing down EVs? 2
Party suggestion and migration help ^^? 2
Pidgeot Moveset? 1
Please I need help ! I really want to know how the pokemon contest are ????? 1
Please tell me if my team is good? 1
Pls rate my team for red!?! 3
Pokeathlon Snow Throw event? 1
Question about the judge that tells iv range? 2
Raichu Moveset? 2
Rate and give suggestions on my non-legendary team please? 4
Rate my competitvie team? 2
Rate my heartgold teamm? 2
Rate my team and give advice/feedback? 2
Rate my team for pokemon HG?! 1
Rate my team please is this a good team? 7
Rate my team pls!?!*** 2
Rate my team plz?! Does anybody want to battle? 2
Rate my TEAM PLZ?! Does anyone want to battle? FC:1067 2990 3217 7
Rate my team so far and need suggestions? 2
Rate My Team, Please? 2
Rate my team?!?!?!?! (updated, again) 4
Rate my uberless team? 1
Raticate Moveset? 1
Recommendations For My Battle Tower Team? 1
Resetting the Global Terminal? 1
Roaming Legendary Encounter? 1
Rotom form and moveset advice please? 2
Should I put Snorlax in my team? 2
Snorlax Sweep? 2
Starter help? 4
Status problems? 3
Strong and well balanced competitive team? 2
Switcheroo/Trick? 2
Team construction help? 2
Team criticism? 7
Team help for fun and game, please? 3
Team Help? 4
Team rate/help? 3
This a good party? 4
Venusaur Moveset? 1
What are the best moves for a seadra ? 1
What are the best moves for my ampharos? 4
What are the best Pokemon team in HeartGold? 1
What are the item related egg moves? 3
What is a faster way to level up my dragonair? 2
What is a good HM slave for all HMs except Surf and Fly? 2
What is a good team for my togapi, growlith,and croconaw? 4
What is a strong flying type pokemon for later on in the game?(pokemon heartgold) 13
What is the best mix of types for a league team? 1
What is the best move set for Dragonite? 5
What is the best move set for Kingdra? 3
What is the best move set for Metagross? 2
What is the best move set for Tyranitar? 1
What is the best moveset for Entei? 2
What is the best moveset for Spiritomb? 3
What is the best moveset for...? 3
What is the best strategy for Quagsire? 3
What is the best strategy for Shedinja? 2
What is the best strategy for Single Battles? 2
What is the best strategy for the pennant game? 4
What is the best strategy for this team ?? 1
What is the best strategy for this team/rate team? 4
What is the best way to check IV's for a bred PKMN in game without having to raise it? 1
What is the best way to raise pokemon stats? 1
What level need my pokemon and where can i train for the elite four? 1
What level should my pokemon be for the elite 4 rematch when they are strongest? 1
What move should i teach my shiftry?? 1
What pokemon for last team member (Heart Gold)? 1
What pokemon to get last? 1
What should i add/take away/improve on my team? 3
What should my final team mate be? 1
What's a good team to use? 1
Whats the best way to train pokemon? 1
When does the Pokewalker change it's pokemon set? 2
When EV training, what`s more important, HP or DEF? 3
Where can i find a metagross? 2
Where can I find a Ralts using the pokegear radio? 2
Where can I train my Level 21 Larvitar? 1
Where is the best place to train Pokemon of most types? 4
Where to train? 4
Which HMs are required for beating the main story in HG/SS? 1
Which pokemon should I use on my in-game team? 7
Who should be my last pokemon? 1
Will you rate my team? 1
Would i beat red? 8
Yep, ANOTHER Rate my team question.? 5
"Revenge-Tar" move pool? 3
*Can you give me any suggestions for my current team?* 2
*I need Help with my team?* 2
*When can I face the Kimono Girls to get the Clear Bell so I can capture Ho-oh?* 7
*When does Golbat Evolve?* 3
6th Member Of My Team? 3
6th Team Member? 2
aaaRate My Team for battle tower? 2
Aerodactyl and Scyther? 2
Aerodactyl? 1
Another person asking: how good is my team? 1
Any reccommended moves for my tyranitar? 8
Are ALL the johto pokemon in just 1 of the game? 2
Are there any disadvantages to evolving Eevee right away? 13
Are they good? 3
Ariados or scizor? 7
Aside from PP, what is the difference between Detect and Protect? 1
Because of the new Safari Zone, is it possible to get a Larvitar BEFORE the Elite Four now? 5
Best Attacks? 1
Best move set for Garchomp? 2
Best Place to Train Level 55 Pokemon? 3
Best place to train lv 37-50 pokemon? 2
Best Pokemon? 4
Blue stats? 1
Breeding help? 1
Breeding nature help? 2
Breeding questions? 1
Breeding the Surfing/Flying Pikachu? 1
Can a female Dratini with Extremespeed pass on the move? 3
Can a Pokemon with one ability produce another with the other possible ability? 2
Can aerodactyle be hurt by thunder? 1
Can anyone please rate my team for the advanced elite four? 3
Can anyone rate my team for the Elite Four? (first time) 3
Can Genderless Pokemon pass attacks from TM/Move Tutor? 2
Can i get away with not worrying about IVs? 1
Can I repeatedly defeat the gym leaders in rematches? 1
Can i use this Blissey for competitive battling? Help Please 3
Can light screen and reflect be active at the same time? 1
Can moves learned by TM and HM be deleted? 3
Can my pokemon beat gym 3??? 7
Can some one please post A Hidden Item List? 2
Can somebody please help me catch larvitar in the safari zone? 5
Can someone help me EV Train my Shiny Pidgey? 4
Can someone help me improve my team? 3
Can someone please RATE MY TEAM for the Elite Four? 3
Can someone rate my pkmn for the Elite Four? 2
Can someone rate my team? 6
Can Surfing Pikachu relearn Surf? 2
Can you catch shinies in the pokewalker? 3
Can you hatch a Shiny Pokemon from an egg? 2
Can you soft reset for event pokemon? 4
Certain Shinies? 2
Cold As Ice? 5
Day care questions + best ball to catch ho oh? 2
Days in Safari Zone? 2
Detect or Protect? 3
Do legendaries come with preset EVs? 2
Do the effects of Skill Swap stay if I switch out my Pokemon? 1
Do you gain EV points when a pokemon is caught? 1
Does a double traded pokemon count as a traded pokemon? 1
Does a USA pokemon and a Europe pokemon = masuda method? 3
Does a wild pokemon stay frozen until you hit it??? 2
does anything happen to a Pokemon`s EVs if they`re traded? 1
Does Fling make you (permanently) lose an item in a player vs. player battle? 1
Does Glaceon have potential? 2
Does Grip Claw affect the move Magma Storm? 1
Does Happiness help with the Traded Pokemon Level Limit? 1
Does Payback still do double damage if it's my Substitute that takes the damage? 1
Does pokerus work in its spreading stage (the EV bonus)? 1
Does Poochyena show up in HG? 3
Does pressing the a, b, x, and y buttons help with catching Pokemon? 10
Does Stealth Rock benefits from STAB? 1
Does stopping my pokemon from evolving ultimately lower their potential stats? 2
Double Battle - moves which hit both enemies? 5
Effort Value/Points Removal? 3
Entry Hazards ? 1
Espeon or Umbreon? 1
EV spread? 1
Ev training evolved pokemon? 1
EV Training Help Please? 1
EV training help? 2
Evolution and stats? 3
Evolution might lower my Murkrow's stats? 1
Fastest way to get Gible in safari zone? 2
Four good pokemon to team up with my Feraligtr? 2
General Evolution/ Eevee Help? 3
Getting Bagon or Shlgon in Safari Zone? 3
Getting battle point faster ? 3
Giratina EVs? 2
Giratina Problems? 1
Good electric type? 5
Good Elite Four team? 3
Good In game team? 1
Headbutt-ing Trees? 3
Heatwave vs Fireblast (with Wide Lens)? 2
Help with Abra? 1
Help with moveset for Glaceon? 1
Help with team for elite four? (first time) 3
Help With Wifi team!?!?!!?? 1
Hi i need some info? 2
How are EVs spread across all Pokemon that participate in a battle? 2
How Can I Catch Suicune,Raikou,Entei? 5
How can i change my pokemon's name after I already caught it? 3
How can I get a Shedinja to know Swords Dance? 1
How can I get to Critical Hit stage 5? 1
How can i record 3 videos on my vs recorder? 2
How can I teach Ho Oh Heat Wave? 1
How come I can't evolve my Eevee into a Vaporeon? 1
How do egg moves work? 2
How do I breed a Hippowdon with...? 5
How do I evolve Eevee into Umbreon and (the other one)? 1
How do I get past the bald guy? 3
How do I Get scizor to have Bulltet Punch? 3
How do I get the ideal Shedinja nature? 1
How do i get to the gym leader at the light house? 1
How do i trade brock? 7
How do IVs/EVs work for in-game trades? 1
How do you catch entei and racu? 2
How do you EV train or What is it? 1
How do you find out a pokemon's happiness? 3
How do you get Blissey with seismic toss? 1
How do you get PKRUS? 3
How do you get the ss aqua to stop? 2
How do you give and lose pokerus? 3
How do you know ware voltorbs are at the game corner? 3
How do you make more master balls and rare candies? 6
How does EV training work? 1
How does Onix evolve? 3
How does Secret Power work? 1
How doI put in a? 1
How exactly does Arcanine learn Flareblitz? 1
How is the new Safari Zone works? 2
How is this supposed to work? 2
How to evolve Togepi? 2
I can't get an Abra with Synchronize? 2
I have a ditto and an eevee in day care. why the constant eggs?!?! 1
I need help catching a horsea. Can someone please help? 2
I need help catching a houndour. Can somebody help me? 4
I need help making a team? 1
I need help with Raikou and Entei? 5
ice fang or aqua tail for Gyarados? 1
If a Ditto transforms, do you get the EVs for the Ditto or the Pokemon it transformed into? 1
If I have a pokemon that is perfectly EV trained and has flawless IVs would using a rare candy still be detrimental? 1
If I trade me kadabra can I stop it evolving? 3
If I use Thief on Koga's Swalot's Leftovers, do I get to keep them? 1
If you bred a shiny pokemon with a ditto, would the pokemon inside the egg be shiny? 3
Is Dugtrio affected by Stealth Rock, Spikes & Toxic Spikes? 1
Is Feebas evolution possible through Haircut Brothers? 3
Is it possible to catch Ho Oh with Quick ball? 5
Is Latias harder to catch than the legendary dogs? 1
Is My Team good? Rate it 1
Is my the any good? If so or not I need some pokemon to fill my team 1
Is the gender of a pokemon determined when the egg is found or when it hatches? 4
Is the second snorelax (route 12) worth catching? 1
Is there a quicker way to gain BP? 2
Is this a good moveset for....? 2
Is this a good team for the 100-battle challenge @ Battle Tower? 1
Is this a good team? Rate it 7
Is this a good team???? 3
Is this breeding combo possible? 1
Is this good for the elite four? 3
Jolteon Moveset? 4
Kabutops? 1
Kanto Leveling Spots??? 1
Kraleck please rate my team? 2
Last Minute Grinding? 1
Legendary breeding help??!! 1
Looking for a good Psychic for my team (& rate team)? 5
Looking for line-up help (lvl~30), and who should be my FLYER? 2
Lvl 100 Pokemon? 2
Moveset for Mewtwo? 2
Moveset help? 1
My new team? 1
Need help with 6th and possibly 5th member of team? 3
Nincada? 1
Perfect Aprijuice? 4
Perfect team please? 3
Please Rate my Team for Elite Four (first time)? 4
Please rate my team!!!!!? 2
Plz rate this team!!!!!!!!? 3
Pokemon Moves&Evo for the Pokewalker? 1
Pokemon roster help? 1
Pokerus? 1
PokeSav Team Help? 6
Pokewalker: Do steps gained in one area work with another? 3
Question about berries and ev training? 1
Question about Fly and moves that can hit while Flying? 2
Questions on catching wandering legendaries? 6
Rare candy give less stats? 2
Rate current ingame team? 3
Rate my current team? 2
Rate my legendary team? 3
Rate my Lugia and Ho-oh? 3
Rate my team for battling???? 1
Rate my team for gym 2!!??!! 6
Rate my team plz for the rest of the game? 1
Rate my team plz??(i have 7 badges)? 1
Rate my team!? 1
rate My team? 1
Rate My Team? In-game 2
Rate my team?!?!?!?! 2
Rate my team?!?!?!?! (updated) 3
Rate my... Team? 3
Rate team plese? 3
Rate team? 5
Rate this team? Plz 1
Relearning special moves? 1
Sand Veil, Bright Rock, and Double Team? 1
Shiny Dogs? 1
Shiny pokemon? 1
Should I get rid of Meganium for Gengar? 2
Sinnoh's finest? 2
Sixth member for my team? 2
Smeargle moveset? 2
Snorlax wont wake up.Help? 2
So my team is a pile of fail, how can I improve it? 2
Special Attack EV Strategy? 3
Stat during battles, how exactly does it work? 1
Strategies for catching wild pokemon? 3
Strongest wild pokemon for gaining exp? 2
Suggestions for my battle tower team? 5
Suggestions for my team? 3
Sunny day team? 5
Swarms? 3
Team help, for fun? 1
Team Rating Please? 3
Teams? 3
Technician Ability help? 1
Togekiss 100% flinch? 1
Trade from Pt to Hg? 1
Trades for Johto and Kanto? 1
Trading, Battling between HG and SS, Any Poke'center? 2
Training Gastly? 2
Trouble's making a team...? 2
U-turn? 3
Upgrading objects in Safari Zone? 5
Useful tool/slave pokemon? 3
What are the days and times you can rebattle gym leaders? 2
What effects do baby Pokemon have on EV training? 1
What EV spread should I use for a Trick Room Marowak? 2
What is a good team and strategy for the battle tower? 1
What is a great team to be teamed up with my Feralgatr and Arcanine??? 3
What is Masuda breeding?? 1
What is STAB? 1
What is the best choice for a last pokemon on my team? 3
What is the best moveset for gyrados? 2
What is the best moveset for HO-OH? 1
What is the best moveset for mew? 1
What is the best Nature and IV for a Flygon? 1
What is the best strategy for (catching wild pokemon)? 1
What is the best strategy for catching Latias? 3
What is the best strategy for catching Legendary (Rare) Pokemon with low catch rate? 3
What is the best strategy for Entei ? 1
What is the best strategy for getting Espeon? 3
What is the best strategy for lance? 1
What is the best strategy for lance?? 1
What is the best strategy for lance???? 1
What is the best strategy for my new team i am plannign to make when i get the game? 1
What is the best strategy for pokeathlon? 5
What is the best strategy for Rapidash? 1
What is the best way? 1
What is the fastest way to accumulate points in the Pokeathelon? 2
What is the power of Return/Frustration in Battle Frontier? 2
What is the recommended legendary pokemon to use the Master Ball on? 2
What level does rhyhorn evolve into rhydon and rhydon into rhyperior? 1
What Level does tokekiss learn sky attack? 2
What level is the best to start EV training? 3
What level should I have my pokemon at when I defeat Red in HG and SS? 1
What moves should my team learn? 1
What moves to teach Starmie (for Battle Tower) and HOW to teach them? 1
What pokemon shouldI add to finish my non-starter/non-Legendary party? 2
What should be my last Pokemon? 5
What Should My Team Be? 1
What two pokemon would go with my team? 2
What type of pokemon? 1
What's the best way to catch Latias? 3
Whats a good 6th party member? 2
When counting steps req. for catching a pokewalker pokemon, does it take all steps taken for the day? 1
When does an egg "roll" for IVs? 2
When soft-reseting Kanto starters, will their shiny sprites show up in the window? 1
When will my eevee eggs hatch? 1
Where can i find a forretress? 2
Where do i find the place thaat lets me wifi battle? 2
Where is the best place to catch the legendary dogs, and pokemap question? 2
Where is the pokemon groomer in Heartgold? 2
Which is best Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, or Hitmontop? 3
Which is better for my team, Dragonite or Ho-oh? 1
Which is better mewtwo or Gallade? 2
Which is better to buy-HeartGold or Platinum? 10
Which pokemon can learn fly and surf? 1
Which pokemon is good as a Field TM slave? 3
Which pokemon is good as a HM slave? 28
Which would be faster, soft reseting kanto starters or Masuda breeding em? 1
White out during Elite four challenge? 1
Who should I use? 1
Will a pokemon level up faster in the day care if it is left alone rather than having two pokemons? 1
Will the stats of pokemon change? 2
Will this strategy work? 2
Will this team do well in the game? 5
Would this work? 1
zomg no relearner guy? Pokemon team advice ;D? 2

Technical Help Answers
How do i get custom cheats on m3ds real flashcard? 0
How do you move a Pokemon Sacred Gold save file runned by a zipped deSmuME application to a normal one? 0
If I put more objects in the safari zone will it speed up the wait time for certain Pokemon? 0
Pokewalker help? 0
Why does not change the weather? 0
Action replay problem? 4
Alex Rider Stormbreaker THQ? 2
Can a male Scyther with bug bite breed it into other Scythers? 1
Can I use two Pokewalkers with one game? 3
Can't migrate Pokemon from FireRed to HeartGold. What do I do? 1
Cheat the time, how do you do that accurately? 4
Delete Wifi? 2
Deleting save file? 1
Do you lose event routes if you reset/erase Pokewalker data? 3
Dont start? 3
Game Froze? 1
Headbut trees? 4
How can I unlock Riolu without waiting? 2
How do I get to Brooks gym? 4
How do I use other people's FCs to battle and trade?! 3
How to reset pokewalker without my original ds data? 1
I am stuck in sinjoh ruins and I can't get out without my game freezing. What can I do? 1
I found my pokewalker from long time ago, and now it's blank. What happened? 1
I'm having trouble setting my Wii up to recieve messages from the game please help. ? 1
Pal pad gone hay wire???!!!?!? 2
Pal Park? Migration? HELP 2
Serious Evolution Problem? 1
There is no ds card inserted :/, I tried turning it on & off, putting the game cartridge in and out etc Help me? 1
Trading and Battling? 3
Why does my completely legit copy of the game keep freezing? 4
Why does the game always freeze after I loaded the save file? 2
Why does the game keep giving me a communication error when trading? 1
Why does the game keep telling me save data cant be accessed? 3
Why doesn't the game work? 3
Why Won't My Heart Gold Connect Via WiFi? 1
Wi-Fi Pal Pad Problem??? 2
A question? 1
Able to gain pokemon from ruby edition? 1
Action Replay problems? 1
AR code change names? 6
Are the GTS in gold/silver connected to diamond/pearl/platinum? 1
Are there any risks when using the AR code manager? 1
Can I get advanced settings on the first 3 connection slots? 1
Can I trade From heartgold to diamond using a DS and a DSi? 4
Can link with other region? 1
Can soft-reseting to get shinies harm your game? 1
Can you breed a Munchlax if...? 1
Can you walk with the stylus? 2
Can't Trade??? 1
Disappearing Pokemon? 2
Do these games work with PBR? 3
Do you lose the pokemon in the pokewalker if the battery dies? 12
EV drinks won't work? 2
Glitch.??? 1
How come my file got deleted? 2
How do i delet my save? 2
how do I do this? 4
How do I figure out my Pokemon's Hidden Power power? 1
How do I save my progress? 2
How do I use game saves? 3
How do I use Pokewalker? 2
How do you change the language? 2
How do you send pokemon over to the pokewalker? 3
How should I go about getting the Lapras? 1
How to make a Apricorn juice? 1
I need help with Wifi (WEP)? 1
Is it possible to get sucicine shiny?? 1
Is it possible to trade from diamond to HG with only one DS? 3
Is there a Duplication glitch like in the original Gold and Silver? 3
Is there any glitches in this game? 2
Is this game compatible with Battle Revolution for Wii? 1
It stops after asking my name ? 3
Mystery Gift is NOT available from startup - so how do I get it? 1
National Park and Goldenrod Grooming Help? 1
No one in Union Room? 2
Pal Park Problem ? 1
Pokemon Outside of Battle? 6
Pokewalker assistance? 3
Pokewalker courses unlock? 1
Pokewalker Leveling Problem? 3
Pokewalker leveling up? 1
Pokewalker won't connect? 3
Pokwalker? 2
Problem with blue's number? 1
Red stopped appearing? 5
Resetting the in-game time? 1
There is a battery looking icon on my Pokewalker (in the top left corner). Does this mean I need to change batteries? 1
Trade between D/P/PT and HH/, anyone!!!!? 1
Trading A Ligitly Cloned Mew Egg From Crystal To HeartGold? 2
Unable to save after restarting (for DS) Help plz? 2
What can cause Online Friends to not appear to be online? 1
What I have to do after beating Misty? 3
What is the AR code for copying pokemon? 1
What kind of batteries does the pokewalker use? 2
What would happen if my Pokewalker broke? 2
When can you trade with Diamond/Pearl/Platinum? 7
When i started a new game how can i reset the pokewalker? 1
When you use the pokewalker? 1
Why can't i connect to wifi? 2
Why does my game freeze when i jump over ledges? 3
Why does the game keep freezing randomly or getting a black screen? 2
Why does the game keep freezing? (URGENT) 3
Why does the game suddenly freezes after a while? 4
Why does the game turn off? 1
Why dose Game Freak still useing still pictures for combat? 3
Why I can't save? 3
Why is my Pokewalker so glitchy after getting a new battery? 4
Why won't my pokewalker respond? 4
Will the cartridge's battery die? 2

Other Help Answers
Am I able to do this or is it not possible? 0
Can you still get a shiny Ho-oh if you're trying to catch it after you beat the Elite 4? 0
can you suggtes a good team for Red? 0
Do i have to participate in events to complete the pokedex? 0
Does anyone know how to fix an Action Replay DSi error? 0
Evaluate/finish/edit my team in Pokemon Heartgold? 0
I can't travel to Kanto with SS. Aqua? 0
I've gotten to the Friendship room but haven't unlocked the Supreme Cup? 0
Move set for Crobat? 0
My Heartgold keeps freezing can someone help? 0
My soft resetting for Ho-Oh in Heart Gold isn't working, what should I do? 0
Pinsir or Scyther? 0
Pokemon HeartGold Secret ID Help? 0
Rate my team plz? 0
Trading Spiky-Eared Pichu? 0
Training for fun? 0
Trying to transfer pokemon? 0
What would happen if a legendary with a catch rate of 3 is thrown a Heavy Ball and gts the subtractive -20? 0
Where can I get an action replay? 0
Why don't I have Shruberry? 0
Will this team get me through the game? 0
Would some one rate my team? 0
3DS Action Replay Question? 1
A 33-point stat gain? 1
About IVs..? 4
About the shops under Goldenrod? 2
Action Replay Codes 999 Stats? 2
Action replay codes for different pokemon? 1
Action Replay for good pokeathlon stats? 3
Action replay master code??? 2
Any good? 2
Any spare MasterBalls?! =D 3
Any Suggestions/Upgrades for my team? 4
Any way to clone items, pokemon, or both? 2
Anyone have a groudon from the soul silver? 1
Anyone want to trade? 3
AR code to get all HMs? 1
AR codes? 1
Arceus or Deyoxis? 3
ARDS Code to make HMs Erasable? (US Ver) 2
Are Action Replay Poke'mon trades dangerous? 4
Are Entei and Raikou supposed to be on the map at the same time? 5
Are Male Pokemon Stronger than Females? 2
Are pokemon locations different to G/S/C? 4
Bagon Help Anyone? 3
Batton Pass or U-Turn? 2
Best flying type in this game (non legendary)? 1
Best Pokemon Heartgold Team? 1
Better? 5
Boboa wont call about the blocks? 1
Boosted experience? 2
Breeding empoleon and for egg move problem? 2
Breeding the TM Ice Beam?? 1
Bug Catching Contest times? 3
Can anybody help me evolve my Kadabra into an Alakazam? 1
Can anyone help me evolve my gravler? 2
Can anyone help me obtain the green orb in pokemon heartgold? 2
Can anyone trade me a feebas? FC: 1763 7533 2400 2
Can I breed 2 dittos? 1
Can I evolve my haunter without a friend or trading online (which is discontinued)? 2
Can i get a pokewalker? 2
Can I get certain pokemon by trading with others in the union room? 1
Can i get trapinch without using pal park? 1
Can I............? 2
Can some help evolve my Kadabra? 1
Can somebody help me to find my Secret ID on this game???? 1
Can somebody make me some Action Replay codes? 1
Can someone find my secret ID please? 3
Can someone help me evolve my magmar? 2
Can someone help me evolve my scyther? 2
Can someone trade me a low level gible and bagon? 1
Can someone trade me a low levle gible? 1
Can Someone Trade me a Rotom? 1
Can Soul Silver/Heart Gold do wifi battles with Pearl/Platinum? 1
Can the game connect to a WPS-compatible access point? 3
Can trainers on the S.S. Aqua be battled more than once? 3
Can we create a hide out under ground like on diamond ? 2
Can you complete the Pokedex by encountering Pokemon? 1
Can you get Kyoger inHG if so where? 3
Can You Rate My Team ? 1
can you suggtes a good team for Red? 1
Cannot reset Pokewalker? 1
Changing names? 3
Chikorita? 1
Clair and Lance double battle? 4
CODE FOR event arceus? 1
Contest? 3
Converting VBA Savegame? 2
Could this be a good team? 2
Daisy massage? 2
Daisy oak won't massage my Pokemon? Help? 1
Days and Time usage in the Safari Zone? 2
Deilbird and Teddiursa? 1
Did they make this game easier? 4
do anyone want to trade FC 3009 7925 5028 ASH OR ash ? 1
Do HG & SS do the same thing? Please read for more info & if you know. 3
Do I have to delete my PokeWalker Pokemon? 1
Do I still need to catch a Laias to get steven to trade me a Beldum? 5
Do national dex pokemon evolve in this game pre-national dex? 1
Do you have to fill up the national pokedex to get to Pewter City? 2
Does a pokemon have to follow you around? 10
Does Action Replay work on DSI XL? 1
Does aerodactol ever evolve? 4
Does any1 have an action replay code 2 catch any pokemon in heart gold? 3
Does anyone have a (non-shiny) mew? 1
Does anyone have a spare Icebeam TM? 3
Does anyone have a turtwig in their heartgold version? 1
Does Anyone Have Pro Action Replay Codes? 3
Does anyone know what are accessories??? 3
Does anyone know when the Celebi event will take place and how I can get Arceus without hacking? 5
Does my team need work ._.? 5
Does The Power Items Add aditional IV's in breeding? 1
Does this look like an elite four killer team? 1
Dragon shrine? 1
Dratini questions? 1
Easy way to level up objects? 2
Easy way to train? 1
Effort values? 1
Endemic team? 1
Erika's phone no? 2
Ev's /iv's? 2
Event Poekmon? 1
Exp. Shares? 3
Finding the move deleter guy? 4
For Malaysia??? 8
Friend Deleted Kyogre Before I Got It Back To Get Rayquaza, Can I Still Get It? 1
Game freeze? 1
Getting gengar and alakazam? 1
Go to Kanto? 6
Going against red do I need to fix anything? 2
Guide book? 3
Help Please? 3
Help with my party? 2
Help with Wild Pokemon Modifier Action Replay Code? (HeartGold) 1
Hoenn and Rock Smash? 2
Hoenn Legendarys?????? 2
How am I supposed to catch entei and rioku? 7
How can I be sure Clefable will migrate with Magic Guard ability? 2
How can i catch lugia in haertgold? 2
How Can I get a starter pokemon from Prof Oak and Steven before Beating Red? 2
How can I get Bagon? 3
How can i get Celebi? 2
How can I get Whitney's phone number? 2
How can I insert numbers and characters for codes? 2
How can I reset my Pokewalker? 1
How can I speed up the days to get Riolu and Gible? 4
How do I catch Nosepass? 2
How do I do a Barrel Roll??? 1
How do i find celebi? 3
How do I find Ho-oh? 2
How do I find Swablu? 1
How do i get the Heartscales in johto? 2
How do I get to go to the hall of fame? 2
How do i get to Mt.silver and viridian city? 2
How do I get to the upper floors in Silph Co? 1
How do I get volt tackle? 5
How do i trade pokemon ? 1
how do I use action replay to ? 1
How do u erase a file? 2
How do you check what topics you track? 1
How do you get a thunder stone !!!??? 5
How do you get by the guy on route 40? 2
How do you get the electricity on for the power plant? 1
How do you get the pokeflute at the lavender town tower? 1
How do you get the yellow forest on the pokewalker without getting it from nintendo? 1
How do you get to route 45? 1
How do you get Yellow Forest Route At this date? It should be a way.... 5
How do you trade with people from over the world with pokemon you haven't seen? 2
How does the GTS work? 1
How high? 2
How many eggs does it take to get a shiny charmander from charizard an ditto? 2
How many event pokemon are there? 3
How often usually do trainers call you? 1
How the hell can i get a blaze kick - crunch riolu? 1
How to breed a Milotic with Mirror Coat?? 2
How to breed Azuril? 2
How to get arceus? 3
How to max safarai zone? 1
How to use hoen sound? 3
How to use the arcus event? 1
Howz the game?? 3
I cannot find suicune even after doing all the prerequisites? 8
I couldn't catch raikou,entei, and latias after receiving the mystery gift, can anyone help? 1
I found a pokewalker? 2
I lost my pokewalker? :( 1
I need action Replay help? 2
I need help finding the union room? 1
I need mew, darkrai, manaphy and shaymin can any1 help? 2
I need some help with my Lucario? 3
I need website and action replay Max help? 2
I want to battle someone?!?!?!?! 1
I'm trying to find a Korean copy of one of these games? 2
Ideas to put poke walker to use ? 3
If i delete the Jirachi wonder card, will i be able to receive another Jirachi? 3
If I want to start a new game, do I have to reset my pokewalker?, if so then, how? 2
Is anyone willing to trade? 1
Is Ash Red? 4
Is it possible to cure a wild pokemon (like Entei) of status problems (like paralysis)? 1
Is it possible to play HG on 2 player? 4
Is my team good to defeat Red???? 3
Is Mystery Gift still the same? 1
Is the game worth buying? 1
Is the Spiky Eared Pichu unable to be traded even to another Soul Silver/Heart Gold game? 1
Is there a better pokemon than Meganium? 1
Is there a simple way to get hack Poke'mon in gen IV games now that Wi-Fi has shutdown? 1
Is there a tie in regarding D\P\Plat with HG\SS? 1
Is there a way to keep on team rocket clothes after the radio tower thing? 2
Is there any point? 1
Is There any possible way to get the National Dex before the Elite Four over Link Battle? 2
Is this a good in game team? 2
Is this good for the Battle Hall? 1
Johto/Kanto Gym Leader 2nd Wave encounter Location? 3
Kobuto? 2
Lati@s IVs? 2
Ledyba? 2
Leveling? 2
Lottery Glitch? 3
Luxray or Electivire? 3
Meganium? 2
Mew and Celebi AR code help? 1
Miltank-- How to get one? 3
Missable stuff? 1
More MasterBalls? 5
More than one Pokemon in a Pokewalker? 2
Mr. Pokemon ? 3
My Action Replay restarts when I put in heart gold whats wrong? 3
My diito has the wrong moves? 2
My game keeps freezing can someone help please? 1
My old gold/silver guide still useful? 3
My pokewalker did not reset? 1
My Wi-fi isint working for the wi-fi plaza, help? 1
National or regular? 3
NEED code? 1
Need help deciding ? 2
Need Masterballs..Trade? 6
Need to know how to access the Kanto Map? 2
Now what?? 1
Ok so if I breed on Diamond do I need to follow the criteria for HG and SS? 1
Opinions on my party vs the elite four? 1
Other Blocks? 2
Paras and mushrooms? 1
Pichu & Jirachi & Arceus? 3
Pikachu's moves? 3
Please Rate My Party? 1
Please,help me nickname my starter? 17
Pokedex Guide? 1
Pokemon blue? 2
Pokemon Evolution? 4
Pokemon heart gold and soul silver trading/battling? 2
Pokemon HeartGold Team Help? 3
Pokemon Mareep when can i get him? 5
Pokemon the 13th Movie Promo Pokemon? 1
Pokerus action replay code? 2
Pokewalk with unoriginal game ? 2
Pokewalker Glitches? 2
Pokewalker Help? 1
Pokewalker Special Types? 3
Put Pokemon Away? 2
Question about EV training? 2
Question about ev? 2
Question about Scizor? 1
Question about some extras...? 3
Question on My Shiny Cyndaquil's Nature/Characterisitcs? 1
Questions about pokewalker? 2
Rate elite 4 team? 1
Rate my HeartGold Team? 1
Rate My Starting Lineup for the Battle Frontier? 1
Rate My Team Against The Elite Four? 2
Rate my team, i'm begging you!? 3
Rate My Team-------??? 1
Rate my wi-fi team? 3
Rate my Wifi team? 1
RATE TEAM (note still training)? 3
Registering heartgold with the wii console, Can someone plz help me? 1
Restart? 2
Roost? 2
Rotom..? 6
Safari zone help? 4
Safari zone hours? 3
Safari zone objects explanation? 2
Safari Zone? 2
Scizor or Heracross? 2
Shiney? 2
Shiny Eevee, heartgold...? 2
Shiny stone? 3
Slowpoke Evolution? 1
Snorlax won't wake up help!? 4
Team Ideas? 2
Tell me the steps for the arceus event, look at details below? 4
Tentacruel or Kingdra? 2
The best nature for an aron? 1
The walk through walls code for AR? 1
This may be a topic but does anyone know why the most useless people call you on your pokegear??? 2
This question is for the DPPL & HGSS games...What multiplayer avatars can you be for the english and japanese games? 1
Torkoal? 3
Trade any starter for a level one cyndaquil?? 4
Trade friends?(: 3
Trade question? 1
Trading from Heart Gold to Fire Red? 1
Trading to evolve? 3
Transfering Pokemon to the Pokewalker? 2
TV show? 2
Tyranitar..... ? 2
Upcoming events? 1
Using action replay to change your pokemons attack? 1
Voltrob Flip? 1
Wahts the difference? 3
Wat lvl to EV train? 3
Waterfall Glitch? 3
Website`s? 2
What affects whether or not a pokemon is shiny? 2
What are EV's and IV's? 2
What are the codes for armax that can give me the shiny legendary dogs? 2
What are the standard rules? 2
What are the steps for the Arceus event, because it didn't work for me? 2
What causes stats to show up as a pale blue? 1
What do I do in the Runs of Alph besides catch all of the UNOWNS? 4
What do the points on the trainer card mean? 2
What do u think of my tangrowth's moves? 1
What does the move wish do? 2
What happens to watts I collect after I get all the pre-nat'l dex pokewalker courses, but before I get the nat'l dex? 1
What if? 2
What information is given on the trainer card? 3
What is a "day"? 1
What is evd trained pokemon? 1
What is good for Rotom? 2
what is Pokesav? 4
What is the ''special tree'? 1
What is the action replay code for all TMs? 2
What is the action replay code for the celebi event? 3
What is the best time to catch Heracross and where do I get it? 1
What is the best way to catch pokemons in the safari zone? 4
What is the best wayto get BP? 2
What is the difference between heartgold and soulsilver? 2
What is the highest level in voltorb flip? 1
What is the white face appearing in kanto map in heartgold ? 1
What Is Your Pokemon Friend Code? 1
What level is Latias/Latios when you encounter them? 2
What move do you need? 3
What pokemon do you recommend I get for my team? 1
What pokemon should I use? 2
What time is night? 3
What's the "pal park"? 3
What's the difference between HeartGold and SoulSilver? 3
What's the easiest way to spread pokerus? 2
What's wrong with my Pokemon?! 3
What's your Pokemon Team? 1
When does poliwhirl evole? 2
When does poliwhirl evolve? 3
when resetting Heart Gold, can I redownload yellow forest? 2
When will walmart have this game in stores? 1
Where can I find a list of "participating locations" for giveaways? 2
where can i find Arceus? 1
Where can I find Horsea? 3
Where can i find houndor? 7
Where can i find the move teacher? 3
Where can i get a Beldum? 5
Where can i get a Tailow? 2
Where can i see a Blaziken or a combusken or a torchic?? 1
Where can I see a Chikoraita? 3
Where did i can learn Headbutt move? 3
Where do i get the colored black charizard? 1
Where do i need to train? 3
Where do you find Charzar? 1
Where is Misty? 6
Where is the best place to train the 40-50 pokemon? 2
Where is the swamp located at in the Safari Zone? I want to catch Murkrow. 3
Where is the third starter? 1
Which Gym Leaders can I trade and what do I need to offer and obtain? 2
Who did Elm give the last pokemon to? 1
who should I add to my team? 1
Why can't i trade with my pearl version? 2
Why did this happen? 3
Why isn't my Kanto Map showing up? 3
Why should i use the masterball on a runner? 3
Why was red easy? 6
Will ALL Pokemon be in this game? 3
Will there be Mystery Gift? 2
Winner's Path? 5
(How do you catch snorlax?) 1
(Is this team good enough to beat blue?) 2
(Possible Spoilers, two Q's in one) Shuckle in Cianwood? 5
2 Questions In 1? 1
5 new Pokemon on the Pokedex? 2
A + B + Down concept. Does it work? 11
A couple of questions... help? 2
A few please? 1
A few questions? 2
A good place to train? Read description. 1
A save file question? 1
A Snorlax or Metagross? 2
A-Z Unknown help?... 1
About Eevee? 3
About evolving? 2
About the swarms..? 3
Abusing the pokewalker? 3
Action replay codes for max battle points? 1
Action replay question- is there a move/ability modifier for soulsilver too? 1
Action replay? 1
After unlocking all the Pokewalker routes, is there any other use for the watts? 1
All Pokeathlon trophies? 9
American Pokesav? 1
Angry pokemon? 1
Another EV question.Please help? 1
Another pokewalker question? 2
Any reccommended moves for my typhlosion,pidgeot,ho-oh and my ampharos? 2
Any tips on battling competitvely? 2
Anyone have an Arceus that they want to trade for an Arceus? 2
Anyone Know this game coin action replay codes ? 2
Anyone need an eevee/magbaby/igglybuff/pichu? 1
Ar code ( delet HM ) ??? 1
AR Code for event Arceus? 2
AR code for soulsilver groudon? 1
AR Code To Change Names? 1
AR help/ can it be done? 1
Arcanine moveset?????? 1
Arceus please? 1
Arceus Trade plz? 2
Arceus!? 3
Are Heart gold and Soul Silver good games? 2
Are Leaf and Kris in this game? 1
Are shiny pokemon any stronger than regular pokemon? 2
Are the apricorn pokeballs in this game? 3
Are the Lati@s in the Enigma Stone event natures and IVs set when you see them appear or the moment you battle it? 1
Are there any Action Replay codes to catch pokemon for HG and/or shiny? 3
Are there any good FAQs about ApriJuice? 1
Are there any pokemon that you can only get from Ruby/Sapphire or FireRed/LeafGreen? 2
Are there cameos of anyone from other pokemon games or nintendo games? 1
Are they worth anything (Chansey)? 2
At what level does dragonair evolve? 4
Baton Passing Substitute? 1
Battle fronteier? 1
Battle Frontier? 4
Battle Points? 2
Berries? 1
Best moveset for my eveevolutions? 2
Best non-starter ice type? 3
Best place to get pokemon upto level 70? 1
Best Pokemon in hg/ss ? 1
Best voltorb flip calculator? 10
Best way to find a pokemon of a specific nature? 2
Beyond the Sea? 1
Birds? 2
Blissey Alert! Help? 1
Blissey with Wish and move tutor Heal Bell? 2
Bonsley? 2
Boss rocket? 2
Breeding Eevee? 1
Breeding level-up moves with genderless pokemon? 1
Bugged ditto? 1
Bulbasear, Charmander, and Squrtile?? 2
Can a level 100 pokemon evolve? 2
Can a pokemon just appear on your pokewalker? 2
Can anyone battle [range 30-50]??? 1
Can anyone help me with breeding? 1
Can anyone help me with the ruins of alph? 1
Can anySwinub/Piloswine re-learn AncientPower? 1
Can hacked Pokemon be used to trigger events? 2
Can i also in this game buy Coins? 1
Can I battle somebody on wifi without their friend code? 1
can I breed a dratini with a ditto? 3
Can i breed eevee with ditto like in the previous games? 1
Can I breed legindary pokemon with a ditto? 3
Can I catch both Latias & Latious? 2
Can i catch porygon in this game? 5
Can I do this again? 2
Can I fight Giovanni? 5
Can I get a shiny abra in pokemone heatgold gamecorner in goldenrod city??? 1
Can i play competitive battles on a emulator? if so, whats a good Nds emulator? 3
Can i rematch with red? 2
Can I send pokemon into the wireless connection? 2
Can Latias breed? 1
Can pokemon evolve pokemn daycare? 1
Can shuckle learn bug bite in any way before level 40? 3
Can somebody help me with Effort Training? 1
Can someone answer this question about Earth Power? 1
Can someone lend me a groudon so i can get the jade orb? 1
can someone make an FAQ soon? 2
Can someone tell me which ree should I headbutt? 1
Can special pikachus breed? 1
Can these Pokemon breed? 1
Can u delete the pokewalker data? 1
Can u get a beldum on this game? 4
Can u go into the underground part next to celadon city and if u can how? 1
Can you battle red more than once? 1
Can You Become a Gym Leader? 1
Can you catch a slakoth in heart gold version? 1
Can you catch charmander, bulbasuar; and squrtle? 1
Can you catch the starter pokemon from the original 250? 3
Can you duplicate pokemon? 32
Can you get a shiny pokemon from the pokewalker? 1
Can you get a Sinnoh starter on this game? 2
Can you get these pokemon? 2
Can you help out my Steelix? 1
Can you make me a team with the following types, pls? 1
Can you make secret forts in this game? 2
Can you really trade with Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, LeafGreen, and FireRed? 3
Can you register multiple Pokewalkers to multiple games? 1
Can you run from "shiny" Pokemon? 4
Can you search for unseen pokemon on the Global Trade System (GTS)? 2
Can you soft reset for shiny Kanto starter and if so, when do you need to save? 1
Can you trade from pkmn diamond +perl+platnum? 3
can you trade pokemon from GBA Fire Red to Heart Gold if you have the first NINTENDO DS? 2
Can you trade pokemon from pokemon diamond to pokemon heartgold and the other way around? 1
Can you trade to and from DPPt with HGSS? 2
Can you transfer manaphy egg from ranger to heart gold? 2
Can you use any Arceus in the event for the ledgendary lvl 1 pokemon? IF you cant, when is the event??? 3
Can you use japan Soul sliver version to battle with US Soul sliver? 2
Can you visit Kanto? 2
Can?? 1
Cannot release certain pokemon? 2
Catching Riolu??? 2
Celebi time warp? 1
Cloning? 1
Codebreaker? 1
Concerned about the trap? 3
Confused, What do I do after I beat Pryce if Goldenrod isn't taken over? 1
Could download rom do wifi event? 1
Could you rate my second team plz? 2
Could you rate my team plz? 1
Courage Crystal? 2
Create your own pokemon ? 6
Cyndaqil, Quilava or Typhlosion...? 2
Delete Information on PokeWalker? 2
Deleting HMs? 1
Determinate of Hidden power? 2
Did my steps reset? 2
Differences? 4
Different versions of Arceus? 2
Ditto or Croconaw? 1
Do HG/SS support WPA Wi-Fi? 2
Do I stand a chance? 2
Do only the starters follow you? 1
Do stats get recalculated over wireless battles? 1
Do the pokeathlon medals go to the individual pokemon or do they go to all pokemon of that species? 1
Do traded eggs, after they hatch with the new owner, have boosted exp.? 1
Do weather abilities last the entire battle? 3
Do you have a kyogre? 1
Do you think this will work? 2
Does a Ditto mating a male Dratini always equal a female Dratini?? 1
Does a pokemon in the pokewalker gain friendship points? 2
Does anybody know AR codes for...? 2
Does anyone have a shiny ralts or kirlia that wants to trade? 3
Does anything happen after you beat the elite four twice? 1
Does cloaned pokemon hurt the game? 1
Does Ditto evolve? 1
Does evolving later with a stone affect your stats? 1
Does fighting your friends give you EV's? 1
Does getting Suicine help you find Misty? 1
Does gyarados evolve if so at what level? 4
Does ne1 think its worth it to try catching the legends in HG as Shinies? 1
Does Pokewalker remember previous strolls? 2
Does saying gotcha into the microphone increase the capture rate? 1
Does the money you give to your Mom to save collect interest? 1
Does the pokewalker automatically teach pokemon level up moves? 4
Does the PokeWalker come with recharger? 1
Does the pokewalker give EV's? 1
Does the pokewalker need batteries? 2
Does the PokeWalker skip learning moves? 1
Does the pokewalker work for other games? 2
Does this game has New Moon Island/Full moon island? 2
Does this game let you import pokemons? 4
Does this work? 3
Doing a GTS trade? 3
Don't know much about wifi events? 3
Dratini breeder? 1
Dratini to Dragonite worth it? 2
DS and DSi only? 4
Eevee evolutions? 2
Egg hatchin'? 3
Egg walker? 1
Eggs? 1
Elite Four Multiple Challenges? 1
Elite Four quits? 3
Embedded Tower? 1
English action replay codes? 1
English release? 25
EV Training in attack stat? 1
EV Training? 3
EV training? is it worth it? 1
Ev troubles? 2
Event Codes for Action Replay? (UK Version) 2
Event Pichu and Pokewalker Pikachu? 6
Event Question? 2
Evolution? 4
Evolve? 2
Evolving via Happiness? 1
EXP Points? 1
Farfetchd? 1
Fighting ash? 3
Final Team Rate? 2
Finding Shiny Pokemon? 6
Finding swarms? 1
Fish? 2
For soft resetting can you tell if the legendary is shiny before you enter the battle? 6
For the Pokewalker, can I just shake it? 26
For the Rayquaza event, does the Kyogre/Groundon have to come from HG/SS? 3
For the starters, i don't know who to choose? 4
Fortrees? 4
Fresh questions about the game? Easy Qs to answer? 2
Friend Code on Wi-Fi? 1
Full pokedex AR code? 2
Gaining Happiness? 2
Game Questions? 1
Getting all three starter pokemon on my own? 2
Getting the third "!"? 1
Gligar Evolution? 2
Gold or Silver? 2
Good move-set for my metagross? 2
Great team? 1
Groudon? 2
Groups and Trainer changes? 1
Growlithe/Arcanine help? 2
GTS Evolution glitch? 1
Gyaridos? 3
Gym leader's HM? 1
GymLeader trades? 3
H. Radio?, S. Radio? 2
Happiness as you travel? 2
Have events wifi events for this game been released yet besides the winners path? 2
Have they changed the engine's AI? 1
Having trouble obtaining clair and Lt. surges numbers? 2
Headbutt tutor? 5
Heart gold out? 3
Help changing nicknames? 2
Help me get articuno, zapdos, and moltres? 1
Help on Green? 1
Help please? 1
Help with Breeding involving abilities? 1
Help with getting the right ability for Scizor? 1
help!!!!! which should I choose???? 1
Help!? 2
Help? 2
Heracross help!!!!!? 2
Hey girlmagnet,i forgot something...? 1
Ho-oh? 1
Hoeen music? 1
How am I supposed to catch suicune? 2
How am I supposed to reset the game so I can save a new one? 1
How bad for the game is it to clone say a master ball? 1
how can I catch an aron in the safari zone? 1
How can i delete my saved data? 2
How can I get a colored Eevee? 2
How can I get a Happiny, Igglybuff, & Cleffa in EGGS? 2
How can I get celebi in heart gold and soul silver????? 7
How can I get my Eevee(s) to learn Wish? 2
How can i get piloswine? 3
HOw can i get Staryu?? 13
How can I learn moves such as hydro canon or blast burn or frenzy burn? 3
How can i migrate lvl 80 spiritomb from pokemon ranger like in the video"how to catch celebi"? 1
How can Pichu evolve? 1
How can u make Blissey learn Wish? 1
How can you catch a whismur? 3
How can you make Lugia friendly? 1
How can you trade Pokemons? 2
How close is this game to the original version? 5
How come i can't make my Union Room trainer an Ace Trainer? 1
How come the Safari Zone Owner won't call me? 3
How common is Croagunk in the Safari Zone? 1
How do get around the man on route 40? 2
How do I battle my Rival after defeating the advance Elite 4? 1
How do i battle the sinnoh red? 2
How do I breed Head Smash onto Nosepass? 2
How do i catch Eevee? 2
How do I change WiFi room trainer type? 1
How do i connect to my wii?? 1
How do I evolve Graveler into Golem? 1
How do I get a Kanto starter? 2
How do i get a masterball from proffeser oak? 1
How do I get an Elekid that knows Ice Punch and Cross Chop? 2
how do I get charmander in the game ? 4
How do I get dragon dance on a tyranitar through egg moves? 2
How do i get ho-oh? 2
how do I get hoenn/sinnoh pokemon and what is hoenn sound/swarms ?? 2
How do i get kyogre in HeartGold? 1
How do i get more pokemon on the pokewalker? 3
How do I get my feebas to evolve? 2
How do I get my onix to evolve? 2
How do i get Shedinja? 1
How do I get shiny eevee? 2
How do i get snorlax up and find the missing machine peice? 1
How do i get the 5 stars on the trainer card? 1
How do I get the the other starters from the other 3 sets? 2
How do I get to the other section in the ruins of alph? 2
How do i get Treecko and find Steven? 4
How do I make 2 Pokemon like each other more in Day Care? 9
How do i trade my pokemon from diamond to heart gold? 8
How do I transfer jirachi? 1
How do i transfer Pokemon from Platinum ? 2
how do i unlock the last 4 wallpapers for my PC? 2
How do I use the camera inside Goldenrod Undergroun? 2
How do raise the rank in an area? 2
How do unlock the "Beyond the Sea" Pokewalker course? 3
How do you Catch Entei or Raikou? 1
How do you change Giratina's form? 2
How do you clone pokemon in this game? 3
How do you eevee train? 6
How do you find somebody else's Secret ID? 1
How do you find/catch Totodile if you've chosen Chickorita? 6
How do you get Daisy to spill the beans on Blue's phone number? 3
How do you get Ditto to appear? 3
How do you get evolutions through trading ? 1
How do you get gligar to evolve? 2
How do you get misty's cell phone number? 2
How do you get rid of the tree on route 36? 2
How do you get the Gym Leaders to show up in the Fighting Dojo? 5
How do you make your pokemon walk with you? 2
How do you migrate pokemon from gba games to heart gold ? 1
How do you raise EV's? 1
How do you restart the game? 2
How do you soft reset? 1
how do you trade pokemon from HG to pearl ? 2
How do you use save files? 1
How do you use the Pokewalker? 1
How does Eevee evolve? 1
How far do i have to get too use the pokewalker? 3
How is this game different from the original? 1
How is this team pls tell me? 1
How long is this game and which pokemon are exculsive to this game answhich are exculsivwe to soulsliver? 3
How many HM in this game? 1
How many pokemon are catch-able? 1
How many Pokemon can fit in the PC Storage system? 1
How many pokemon can I catch on one trip with the pokewalker? 3
How many times can I catch rayquaza? 1
How many times does suicune run away from you? 2
How rare is lapras? 3
How to find mewtwo in cerulean cave? 1
How to get all of Ash's pokemon from every season? 2
How to get Arceus in the Pokedex? 1
How To Get Chansey in Pokemon Heartgold? 1
How To Get Lt. Surge and Blue's # Number? 2
How to get past Safari Zone gate? 1
How to get these pokemon? 2
How to get to the power station? 1
How to make the blocking the Elite Four move? 1
How to register my pokewalker to my heartgold game? 2
How to trade on GTS? 1
How to trade pokemon between two ds? 2
How to transfer arceus? 1
How to unlock Hoenn Field in pokewalker? 1
How will i know if its morning? 3
Hurdle dash? 2
I can't breed my starter pokemon? 2
I have questins about the game? 4
I know ive askd this bfor but can i get more info pls? 1
I need an expert opinion? 2
I need ar codes? 1
I need halp breeding certain pokemon? 2
I need help evolving my scyther please!? 2
I need help going somewere? 2
I need help trading pokemon between two ds? 3
I need help with the 4th gym? 1
I need help!!! my AMBIPOM just learned fling can someone help me!? 3
I really need an Arceus?????????????? 4
I was wondering if you can? 2
I've never played a Pokemon game. Ever. WHERE TO START?! 5
Ice cave of death? 2
If I breed my Spiky-Eared Pichu with my Pikachu-Colored Pichu will there be a Pikachu-Colored/Spiky-Eared Pichu? 4
If I catch Red Gyarados do I still get the red scale? 2
If I get HG and I have a Groudon on Pt and I trade it will that let me get Rayquaza? 2
If i have two arceus can i use both? 4
If I use mystery gift with a friend can I battle his or her pokemon like in the original gold and silver? 2
If the gameplay is similar to GenIV, does it also feel as slow (when compared to previous gens?) 2
If the pkmn you get from the pokewalker is a new pkmn will the pokedex record that you got it when you get the nat dex? 1
If you choose Giratina is it in Origin Form? 1
If you do a new game, does the pokewalker reset? 1
If you kill entei and raikou the second time,can you get them again by defeating the elite four? 2
If you're a girl, then is the trainer at the end of the game the girl from FR/LG? 3
If your pokemon has maxed out friendship, how much power will return have? 2
Im talking to Steven at pewter city museum to get a Beldum but he keeps on saying all those shining stars bla bla why? 1
Improving my odds? 3
In heartgold is their a picture or something of Groundon??/?? 2
Ingrain? 2
Iron Tail? 2
Is deoxys avalible in HG & SS? 2
Is eggsecute in the Ilex forest in pokemon heartgold? 3
Is HG/SS going to have the global trading center? 4
Is Ho-oh stronger than Lugia ? 5
is it better to get all of a pokemon's EVs before it levels up? 1
Is it compatible with the other versions? 1
Is it possible to breed earthquake into a squirtle? 2
Is it possible to catch a shiny pokemon in the Pokewalker? 3
Is it possible to catch the pokemon from pearl,diamond, and platinum? 2
Is it possible to clone event pokemon? 1
Is it possible to delete people from your PokeGear's phone? 1
Is it possible to get Groudon? 4
Is it possible to receive pokemon from the original gold, silver, and crystal? 1
Is it possible to save over an unwanted phone number on your PokeGear? 1
Is it possible to trade from US Diamond to Japanese Soul Silver? 2
Is it possible to use this with Pokemon Battle Revolution? 1
Is it possible? 3
Is it too late for me to get the Pikachu-colored Pichu? 1
Is Kanto still a watered down version of the original? 1
Is Lapras worth it? 1
Is my Dratini good or bad that the Master gave me? 3
Is my team well-balanced? 3
Is the action replay thing bad for your game? 6
Is the gameplay still same with Pokemon Gold? 5
Is there a day and night switch in this game? 4
Is there a place to battle random people online? 1
Is there a way to keep/look at the photos cameramen take of you? 1
Is there an action replay code to give any item to pokemon? 1
Is there any apps in the game other than the dowsing machine? 1
Is there any way to change your Trainer name? 1
Is there any way to hatch your egg faster? 2
Is there anyway to up the chances of geting a shiny in breeding or finding? 4
Is there going to be any ball capsules in the game? 2
Is this a good team? 3
Is this Chikorita hacked? 2
Is this game in Japanese? 1
Is this game worth the money? 2
Is this guy for realz? 1
Is this normal? 2
Is this team good enough to beat blue? 1
Its been a while? 1
Its official.... major help? 1
Japanese games? 1
Jolteon or Manectric? 1
Just wondering? 1
Kanghasan? 1
Kanto map? 2
Kanto staters? 1
Krabby? 1
Latias Hidden power? 1
Latias? 2
Legandary Pokemons? 1
Legendaries O_O? 1
Legendary Pokemon Help?... 5
Legendary Pokemon? 1
Legendary shiny encounters? 1
Legends? 2
List of legendaries you can catch in the game? 2
Lock capsules? 2
Looking for a Groudon? 3
Looking for a Turtwig and a Vulpix? 1
Lost my pokewalker; can you help me please? 3
Lugia? 2
Magic Guard? 1
Mass outbreak glitched? 1
Megaim and Typhlosion plz rate? 6
Meteor Rain? 2
Mew AR? 1
Mew, Celebi, Regis, etc. / Hoenn? 3
Mewtwo looks mean? 2
Moon stone and Eevee? 1
Move tutor help? 1
My map? 1
My pokemon and their feelings...I guess? 3
my pokemon have Pokerus? 1
Mystery gift? 3
Name change? 1
National pokedex? 1
Nature? 3
New "old" events? 1
New Areas? 3
New message in the PokeCenter? 1
OK so...? 1
Online battling not through the DS? 3
Palkia, Dialga, Giratina? 1
PalPark Question? 1
Password!!!!? 1
Password? 3
Pikachu and the thunderstone? 1
Pikachu Colored Pichu? 1
Pink drowzee? 1
Planning to trade, but...? 2
Please Rate My Team? 1
Pokeball types and the pokemon inside them? 2
Pokeballs Johto to Sinnoh? 1
Pokeballs? 2
Pokemon from professor oak? 3
Pokemon pokedex location is red? 2
Pokemon? 1
Pokerus and Pal Park? help!!! 1
Pokewalker Battery? 2
Pokewalker glitch? 1
Pokewalker Question? 1
Pokewalker sounds ? 1
Pokewalker? 2
Possible to save a Pokemon? 2
Pre order? 1
Preordering? 2
Primo Eggs? 2
Problem with swarms? 2
Question about Suicune's last appearance (Route 25)??? 1
Question about trading eggs? 1
Question on Swarms? 1
Radio Tower Issue Help? 2
Raichu or Ampharos? 2
Ralts? 2
Rares in safari Zone? 2
Rate my 6 year old brother team and myne? 2
Rate my BEST team EVERR!!? 4
Rate my friends team? 4
Rate my other friends team? 1
Rate My Starter? 3
Rate my team final plz? 2
Rate my Team for the BF (Battle frontier)? 1
Rate my team I am planinng on using? 1
Rate my team please? 1
Rate my team plz? 5
Rate My Team?? 1
Rate this team? 5
Release Date? 1
Rematch? 2
Rematching Red? 2
Reset the Pokewalker? 1
Revolution Mystery Gift compatibility? 5
Rival name? 3
Rivalry? 2
Route 40? 1
Ruins of alph? 1
Safari Help? 2
Safari Zone Sandshrew? 1
Saves? 1
Scizor Babies? 3
Scyther? 2
Seviper moveset? 2
Shakey screen? 2
Shiney overworld sprite? 1
Shiny Event Pokemon? ^^ 2
Shiny line up? 1
Shiny Pokemon and Pokerus? 1
Shiny pokemon from egg? 1
Should i reset? 2
Should I trade my red GYARADOS? 1
should i use my master ball on Entei or Raikou? 2
Sneasel? 1
Special movie arceus? 4
Specific pokemon? 2
Speed Forme Deoxys Tier? 1
Spore? 1
Starmie or Politoed? 2
Starmie, Politoed, or Poliwrath? 1
Steven Stone? 2
Steven? 1
Stored Trainers? 1
Suicune isn't showing up anymore where did he go!? 4
Television? 1
The number of pokemon? 2
Think I really messed up, can't get Misty? 2
This actually pertains to the HGSS battle board? 4
Togekiss ? 1
Totodile elite4 team,moveset,levels,and items? 1
Trade between Gold and Silver? 2
Trade starters? 1
Trading between HG and SS please help me? 1
Trading evolved pokemon - all Pokedex entries or just one? 3
Trading Items with Wi-Fi? 2
Trading metal-coated scyther's? 1
Trading? 3
Trainer House? 1
Trainer with a Chansey? 2
Trainers? 2
Transfering Data? 2
Trying to get arceus? Help? 4
Two questions? 1
Umm...OHKO? 1
Unown puzzles? 1
Unown? 2
Using the GBA slot? 3
Using the Pokewalker? 2
Was Gamestop Raikou, Entei, Suicune Natures set for all games? 1
Was there any WiFi events after the Winner's Path? 1
What a .pgt file pokemon? 1
What am I going to do? 3
What are groups supposed to do? 1
What are the events that happen after you get all 16 badges and beat red? 2
What are the faces on my Pokemon? 1
What are the legends musics? 2
What are the North American Action Replay codes? 2
What are the Safari zone block requirements for catching Riolu? 2
What are the shining leaves? *spoiler maybe* 1
What are the Tradeboards? 2
What are the version exclusive pokemon? 5
What colors does your trainer card show? 1
What days is there diamond dust on Mt Silver? 2
What do I do after I beat Red got Kyorge? 2
What do I do after I found an Old Amber for Aerodactyle? 2
What do I do? 2
What do these pokemon personalities go to do with pokemon? 1
What does the PC do to your Pokemon when you deposit them? 1
What happened to the last pokemon? 1
What happens if the pokewalker breaks? 3
What happens if you knock out the legendaries? 3
What happens if you trade a pokemon from national dex with heartgold? 3
What happens when the game tells you that the game has been corrupted? 1
What is a Berserk Gene? 2
What is a good move-set for Ho-oh? 4
What is a hidden ability and how does it work? 2
What is a Pokewalker? 1
What is a STAB move? 1
What is breeding and how do you do it? 5
What is Personality? 1
What is the best day to catch shiny pokemon dont give me any ITS 1 out of 562 chance i want real answer? 6
What is the best route to grind the Day care? 3
What is the best way to catch mew 2? 1
What is the best way to get tyrogue's attack= to it's defense? 3
What is the difference between the games? 1
What is the difference? 1
What is the dubious disc for? 1
What is the framerate? 9
What is the pokevirus? 2
What is the step/experience ratio on pokewalker? 2
What is this .pkm or .pcd? 1
What is wrong with my Palkia? 1
What is your dream team? 4
What kinda trainer am I npc o.0? 1
What legendery pokemon? 1
What level does a bagon evovle at? 2
What level does cinyquile evolve? 1
What level does pidgy evolve? 1
What level does pupitar and dratini evolve? 3
What level does Zubat/Golbat/Crobat learn mean look? 2
What level is the snorlax that you have to wake up? 1
What level will pupitar evolve? 7
What now? 2
What pokeballs do you get for each different coloured apricorn? 1
What Pokemon are NOT in HG/SS (without extra games)? 1
What Pokemon do I show Bill's grandfather? 1
What Pokemon does the Blackthorn City move tutor lady want? 1
What pokemon is the old man talking about at bills house in kanto? 2
What Pokemon is the Protector of the Ilex forest and where can I find it? 3
What Red? 1
What region are these Pokemon in? 1
What regions does this game have? 4
What should I do????????!!!! 1
What should i evovle my eevee into? 2
What should i get to level 55 first pupitar or dratini? 3
What to do? 1
What to teach a Weavile? 3
What's the boy name and girl name? 1
What's the ID number of the game? (for action replay cheating with pokesav) 1
What's the point of "The Mysterious Trasmission?" 2
What, if anything, does mixing records do in this game? 2
whats the diffrents between HG SS? 1
Whats the egg group chain i need to breed my umbreon "wish" and "yawn"? 1
Whats the point in the game? 16
Whats your favorite pokemon? 4
When are events and what are they? 2
When are the Legendary Beasts' stats set? 1
When can I use the union room? 2
When celebi??? 2
When do you unlock the Battle Frontier? 3
When does he eatathon contest in Cealdon city end? 1
When does HG and SS come out in Australia or New Zealand? 1
When I can get Dratini from the Elder? 1
When in the plot is the pokewalker useable? 2
When Masuda breeding for a shiny, will one egg always be not shiny? 1
when should I evolve my togetic? 1
When should you save and soft reset for getting a good nature starter at the beggining of the game? 1
When should you save to Soft Reset for a Shiny Ho-oh? 1
When slakoth evolves to vigoroth and slaking? 1
When Soft-resetting for a shiny Ho-Oh do you have save before the cutscene to make it shiny? 1
When the pokewalker battery runs out? 1
wHen u trade pokemon eggs do the obey u fully after the hatch? 1
When will ekans evolve? 3
When will Gengar learn Dream Eater move and Hypnosis? 2
When will Quilava evolve into Typhlosion? 1
When will they be coming out in Australia? 10
When will this game be released in the US? 12
Where are all the gyms in kanto? 2
Where are groudon and kyogore? 2
Where are the whirl islands? 2
Where Are They? 2
Where can i find a good water type pokemon???? 1
where can i find a Larvitar? 1
Where can I find a trainer with a Glameow or Purugly? 1
Where can I find all Sinnoh gym leaders? 5
Where can I find Growlithe? 1
Where can i find lapras? 1
Where can I find Lugia? 4
Where can I find the "Dragons den" in the 8th gym? 1
Where can I find the EV rater? 1
Where can i find the last starter pokemon? 5
Where can i get a tm of Aerial Ace? 1
Where can i get a whalemer? 1
Where can you find Phanpy in HG? 3
Where can you get TM70 Flash in this game to light up dark caves? 1
Where do I find Aerodactyle? 1
Where do i find kurt? 2
Where do I find new pokemon???? 2
Where do i find the pokemon numel? 1
Where do you catch Suicune? 2
Where do you find blue? 3
Where do you find pikachu? 6
Where do you learn ice, fire and thunder punch? 2
Where does evee into glacelon and leafelon? 3
Where does i can download this game in USA version ? 6
Where i can get chansey? 2
Where is Dragon's Den? 4
Where is Entei? 1
Where is Marill in Mt. Mortar? 1
Where is mr.pokemon? 3
Where is Oddish? 3
Where is Suicune now? 2
Where is the best place to battle high water type pokemon in johto? 3
Where is the best place to train a dragonair? 1
Where is the bug catching contest held? 1
Where is the groomers/haircuts? 2
Where is the gym leader Blane from Kento? 1
Where is the Pokethlon? 3
Where is the Shinto Ruins? 5
Where is the Sunstone? 1
Where's the best area to train a level 40 Pidgeot? 2
Where/How do I get a Gardevior? 2
Which badges am i missing? 2
Which better? 3
Which cave is the dojo master in in Johto? 1
Which is the better dragon to use? 1
Which nature best for Lugia when catching it? 2
Which one? 2
Which Pikachu has surf or fly!? 2
Which pokemon do i need for pal park? 1
Which Pokemon game has the Hoenn region in it? 2
Which pokemon is better? 1
Which starter pokemon? 3
Which V3 Starter? 2
Which version is good? 2
Who and where is Daisy? 3
Who or what is an Arceus?? 4
Who wants my Empoleon? 1
Why cant i find a Gastly/Haunter anywhere? 2
Why did Jinx not get an evolution? 1
Why didnt my cyndaquil learn ember? 2
Why do the pokeballs move in battle sometime? 2
Why does noon start at 10? 1
Why does Red have a Pikachu? 3
Why doesnt a pidgey show up? 1
Why don't my Wobbuffet breed? 2
Why is my radio scrambled even after I beat the radio tower? 1
Why some pokemon WORD stat have a Blue or Red aura around? 3
Why was the Game Corners buthered? 5
Why won't the WFC find the Yellow Forest event? 2
Why won't this work? 2
Why wont Ho-oh follow me behind my back when I CAUGHT HIM? 2
Why wont my larvitar breed with my cubone? 3
Wi fi battle Question please answer? 1
Wi-fi connetion? 2
Wi-fi stuff? 2
Wich one? 7
Wild pokemon with EV's? 3
Will it be shiny? 1
will my pokemon work on wifi if i use Action replay codes? 1
Will pokemon you obtain through trades before you get the national pokedex be counted? 1
Will the padomater be in the U.S version to? 4
Will the Pokewalker be in the US version of HG? 4
Will the pokewalker work on 3ds? 2
Will The Sevii Islands Be In this game? 4
Will there be a crystal version remake? 2
Will there be any DSi specific functions for this game? 5
Will there be Buena's Password? 1
Will there ever be a game where you can visit all four regions? 2
Will they still have this at Southridge mall upstairs game stop on September 1st? 1
Will this team be able to beat red? 3
Will this work to get shiny Latias? 3
Will yellow forest stay? 3
Will you be able to capture all 493 pokemon? 5
Will you be able to evovle the gen 2 pokemon up to gen 3 or 4? 5
Will you be able to obtain Glaceon or Leafeon without having to trade? 6
Winners path? 2
With this being released...? 15
Wjich place is better to train? 1
Would this team do good? 1
would you recommend having Gyardos in your squad? 1
Yellow Forest carry over to new file? 2
Zoroark? 3

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