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Asked: 5 years ago

Why does Red have a Pikachu?

It's been ten years and Red still has a Pikachu in his hands. Sure, it might be nostalgic, but that doesn't explain why Game Freak decided to give him a Pikachu. Besides, isn't Raich stronger? Oh wait. Light Ball. Never mind. But still, it doesn't make sense.

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Well, I meant that when Game Freak decided to give Red a Pikachu, I ask wehy did they do that. That's what I'm asking.

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From: Shaman_king_yoh 5 years ago

Because all the variants of red have a Pikachu, Ash (Red's copy for the anime) has one, Red in Pokemon Special manga has one, and you even have one with red if you play pokemon yellow. So I think that's why.

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He's Got Pikachu Because Of Pokemon Yellow. To Me Red Is The Ash Carrying Out From Pokemon Yellow With His Team Pokemon :D They Are A Good Battle, Even When You Need Money ^^

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When people hear the word "Pokemon", the first thing they (and we) almost always think of first is Pikachu!!! Pikachu is Gamefreak/Nintendo's token character in the series.

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