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Asked: 5 years ago

When can you trade with Diamond/Pearl/Platinum?

Can you trade with the other DS versions right away, or do you have to wait until you reach a particular point in the quest, like you did in Fire Red/LeafGreen before trading with Ruby/Sapphire?

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From: pigmonkeynsuzi 5 years ago

you need to recieve the Pokedex, but yes thats the only requirement

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Apparently, you can trade with DPPt right from the beginning, you only need to reach a Pokemon Center

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You can trade but you cannot use the high level ones till you manage to get the required badge. Meaning that to try and complete the game with a level 100 mew is not impossible.

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I heard that you can trade to and from diamond and pearl the second you get to a pokemon centre

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Get the pokedex then get to a pokemon center.

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Yes, it can work with all 4 gen games

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yes but not new 1s like piplupECT.

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