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Asked: 4 years ago

Is my Dratini good or bad that the Master gave me?


Additional details - 4 years ago

Yes it is Level 15.

Additional details - 4 years ago

Nature : Careful
Moves : extremespeed, thunder wave, twister, dragon rage

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From: Kraleck 4 years ago

Careful is a great Nature for a Physical Dragonite. Ice Beam is a common Special Move to shut down Dragon Types and you'll need all the Sp.Def Dragonite can get (4x Weakness to Ice, Careful Nature for Physical Attackers, Calm Nature for Special Attackers).

However, according to this IV/EV/Hidden Power/Stat Calculator:
...your IVs are absolute crap:
Stat - Possible IV range (maximum 31)
HP - 0-4
Attack - 0-5
Defense - 0-3
Sp.Atk - 20-26
Sp.Def - 7-13
Speed - 0-6

Your Dratini has a good Nature, but will have poor final stats.

Is it a Male? If so, get yourself a few Careful Natured Ditto and an Everstone (Extremespeed is an Egg Move, but only from the special Dratini you can get in Dragon's Den). Breed for Male Dratini with better Stats.

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what is the level of the Dratini?

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@gaming guru

Probably lvl 15, mine was when i got it

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Careful Nature means it will have low Special Attack while having higher Special Defense.
This also means you may want to make it Physical-orientated to have great use of it when it fully evolves. (So you shouldn't worry about giving it Special Moves)

Overall it's not too bad.

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