Question from nintendoman98

Asked: 4 years ago

If I have enough Watts to get 2 Pokewalker Courses do I get both?

I wanna know if I get like 10 courses worth of Watts on my Pokewalker if I can get every single course or only one. Here's an example... NEXT COURSE 5000 WATTS. WATTS ON POKEWALKER... 20000. So saying I deposit my Pokemon that's got the 2000 Watts on it and the next next course needs another 5000, will I get both courses?

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From: Badali714 4 years ago

It does one course at a time. If you max out for two routes, you'll get the first one, then it'll give you the second one upon return from a second stroll, if you gained watts.

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No, only one course unlock per stroll. That would mean you would have to keep reconnecting to get the other course(s) if you have enough watts

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It's only one at a time

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