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Where can I find a Shiny Stone before the Johto elite four?

I have a Togetic that I would like to evolve before I do the elite four.

CurseMark4Life provided additional details:

Thank you for your info. I went to the pokethalon thing for the stone and on the days it said it was there it wasn't. After beating the E.F it appeared there and I got my Togekiss :).

Accepted Answer

andibad answered:

Hm . . . I have information you can't get shiny stone if no beat ef. Because togekiss is gen 4 pokemon so you must trade. Try bug contest and caught high lv bug pokemon and rare pokemon. And good luck get shiny stone.
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andibad answered:

Hm you can't get it. After beat EF you can get it in bug contest. You will get if you win. . . In number one. Well today i get togekiss after beat ef 2x and ect. Try in bug contest maybe you get one before meet ef. Good luck!
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andibad answered:

Oh i forgot togekiss is pkm gen 4 and soo you must wait for this. Togekiis no usefull if you use in ef.
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