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I need help with the pal pad??

Oh okay here the thing. I have the Ds Light and it do not come with the online Option. And so one told me before i can trade my pokemon from Firered if it was in solt one and soulsiver was on top. So i did that and I when to the pal pad room and try to used the Trade first i only had on me was sperow and pigey and geodude and i do have on Red a pokedex same for silver but when I try it say Error code what wrong ?? Plz some one help me out. Do i need to buy the DS I Or and i do something wrong ?

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what is the pal park? I do have the ss version it called pokemon soulsliver. How can i get the code friend thing ??d I do have the pal pad but can used it .

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Strykr93 answered:

You have to beat the elite four and go into kanto to unlock the pal park in fushia city, which lets you migrate pokemon from your gameboy game to hg/ss. once you unlock it, go to the main menu, and i think it is the fourth option down that says migrate from (insert game here). beware, once you migrate to hg/ss you cant migrate back so choose wisely. i have a ds lite as well, and thats how it works.

p.s the pal pad is for registering friends and battling and trading with them, it has nothing to do with what you want.
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Badali714 answered:

The pal pad is for registering other players Friend codes. In order to migrate pokemon (which it sounds like you're trying to do), you need to get the SS version of the Pal park.
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Badali714 answered:

I only have my 6th badge, so I'm not sure where it is yet, but the Pal park is where you can upload pokemon from your GBA games after you receive the National dex. Connect to wifi to get your Friend code. When i said SS version of Pal park, I mean the place like the one in Sinnoh.

Also, I know what SS stands for, I just don't feel like typing it out.
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