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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find Secret Potion?

I have been a week for looking the secret potion.i beat the 5th gym leader,at the same time i beat the suikun hunter near north of the map.but still cant get the secret potion inside the old mans drug store.please i need that because i battled the suikun hunter before the 5th gym leader?i cant face the 6th gm leader.since there is a wall in her do i get the secret potion in method?

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You have managed talked to her beforehand right?
If not, then you have to go back into the Lighthouse and take the stairs, not the elevator. You have to fight several trainers before getting into her little room with the Ampharos.

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You have to take the stairs and fight the trainers in the lighthouse. On the highest floor, go to the right and you'll fall out of a window. Then you can continue up the stairs to Jasmine.

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You get it from the building next to the pokemart in cian wood town. To get there just surf south of oviline city.

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