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How do I catch Lugia?

I have a bunch of Ultra and Dusk Balls and get it into the very very last slither of health and i'm only lucky to get 2 shakes out of it. i can't paralyze it or put it to sleep so i dont know what to do. anyone wanna help?

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Charizard_Power answered:

Your chances of catching the Pokemon is entirely dependent on four factors:
-The Pokemon's total HP
-The Pokemon's remaining HP
-The type of ball you use
-The Pokemon's status condition

If you can find room in your party to freeze it or put it to sleep, your chances of catching Lugia should go up several percent per ball used. This is the most effective thing I can recommend you. Paralysis helps as well, but has only half the chance-boosting effect of freezing and sleep.

Additionally, focus on using Dive Balls, Net Balls, and Dusk Balls (if it is night). These balls will all multiply your chances of catching the Lugia per toss by 4, whereas an Ultra Ball would multiply it by 3, a Great Ball 2, and a PokeBall 1.

You might also want to try throwing a Quick Ball at the beginning of the battle. It's not likely to work, but sometimes you get lucky.

If you run out of effective balls, continue using your other balls against it. Even if a Pokeball has only a say 2% chance of working compared to an Ultra Ball's 6%, it's still worth chucking them until you run out.
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poke_freak99 answered:

In the original game crystal i had caught it with a great ball and back then it was lv.70 i poisoned it with toxic remember pokemon are more easily when they are asleep paralyzed frozen poisoned and maybe burned. if you want to you can try to throw a fast ball at it right at the being of the battle, if not you can also try to throw a timer ball at it after brining its stats down with lear, tail whip, smokescreen, screech.
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randomjunk23 answered:

Ok i caught mine extremly easily.i used my ampharoses thunderbolt twice, giving it just right before it hits red health and i switched into my spiritomb (traded) used hypnosis the ominous wind bringing it down to 3 hp. then i threw a heavy ball and got it first heavy ball i used (witch is the only one) seriously only heavy and fast balls work the best.
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rich48534 answered:

Just use a maaster ball
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munchexlax answered:

Ok here's what I did, use an ice, or an elc type. then just keep hammering it until its weak then, UNLEaSH THE ULTRA BALL!!!
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taichi_no1 answered:

I forgot to catch an Ampharoses on my team, but u can just continue throwing pokeballs greatballs, and others at it till it goes in. i caught mines in a dive ball a couple of time
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pichufreak answered:

I caught it first try using a heavy ball. Go to kurt then give him blue apicors.
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angelbabv answered:

Well i used heavy balls on Lugia and it worked so if you have any heavy balls use them.I caught it with just one of those balls
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hylianarmy answered:

Every Pokemon is assigned a number that, coupled with the Pokemon's max HP, current HP, and status conditions (such as Freeze, Sleep, and Paralyze), determines how easy (or difficult) it is to catch; this number is called the "catch rate". Most legendary Pokemon have a catch rate of 3, which, along with their high HP (due to their usually high level), makes them rather difficult to catch.

To optimize your chances of catching Lugia, take the following with you:

1. A Pokemon with moves like Sleep Powder, Hypnosis, Yawn, or Spore; Pokemon with the ability "Compundeyes" make putting another Pokemon to sleep a bit easier. It also helps if the Pokemon has high Speed and/or resistance to Lugia's attacks.

2. A Pokemon with Super Fang or False Swipe; as you are no doubt aware, neither of these moves can KO a Pokemon, which makes them incredibly useful against Pokemon you can't afford to lose.

3. As many Dusk Balls, Heavy Balls, Ultra Balls as you can afford or find. (It might not hurt to invest in a few Timer Balls either, if the battle runs long.)

4. Healing items, such as MooMoo Milk or Hyper Potion; if the battle starts to run long, your Pokemon will no doubt need some patching up. Keep these handy.

5. Patience.

Use your sleeper to put Lugia under (sleeping Pokemon are easier to catch) , then pull out your False Swipe Pokemon and start whittling away at their life. If Lugia wakes up before you drop its HP to 1, pull out your sleeper and repeat the process.

Once your quarry is at 1 HP and sound asleep, start chucking Dusk Balls, Heavy Balls, and Ultra Balls at it. If it wakes up, pull out your sleeper and keep at it.

Oh, and if at first you don't succeed, keep trying and don't give up!
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