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How do I get to Lugia?

I've looked at all the Faqs and all other answers don't have grammar.So please in detail and grammar could you tell me from the top right Whirl Island which way to go.

Please all the Faqs are completely understandable in my view so please help me on this.

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need2playgba answered:

Aeres and or Drayano's ^ answer is correct. Once you've beaten all eight leaders of Jhoto, go to the Kimono Girls Dance Place..forgot what it was Called.Sorry. But when you go there you'll have to battle all 5 of them. Make sure you have potions and full restores just in case because you won't have a break in between battles. Once you've defeated all of them, a little girl will rush in there...she'll explain that she's seen a pokemon flying around Whirl Islands. They are near Cianwood City. From Cianwood City swim right. You will pass 3 caves(they are on the islands of course) If you want the items in there, you should go in each one of them. But if not, go to the most eastern cave/island. When you go there and you find a place with a guy at the bottom righ corner, go up to him. (you must have the Silver Wing to go past) he'll say " that thing you have..." and the silver Wing will glow...keep going down the very very long slope. the cave opening thing at the begining has an item in it if you want it. Then the cave opening at the bottom will have Lugia resting there. the kimono girls will do a dance and the ?item?(forgot what it was) will glow, awaking lugia. You should save now. then you may swim up to to him/her and battle. I caught it because he/she is a don't have to of course. A master ball is not actually nasesary but it's easier. you could make em fall asleep and keep using ultra balls. i heard it took one person 50 balls to catch Lugia. ***Hope i helped you out a lot***
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minun946 answered:

I went though the one on the top right and caught him.
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Aeres116699 answered:

Paraphrased from Drayano's FAQ (all credit goes to him):

Enter the northeast island. Start by jumping off the ledge a bit above, then following the top path and jumping off
the ledge. Continue up and go down the ladder. Follow the path the way around and go down the ladder at the end.

Go down and talk to the sage to have your Silver Wing come out and glow, showing to him that you are a chosen trainer. He'll move out of the way, allowing you access. Go down the looong slope to find a hole in the wall at the bottom. Enter it to find Lugia's resting place.
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