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Alright, well I caught a Gastly on my pokemon platinum version game. Then transferred it onto my pokemon Soulsilver game, to train it. I have trained it to Lvl 37.
What lvl will my Haunter learn hypnosis?
i need to know because this will help me catch Entei, Raikou, etc. etc.
Please answer this question.
(My gastly evolved into a Haunter, but hasn't evolved into a Gengar yet)

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Zaeolus answered:

Haunter actually has Hypnosis as a Level 1 move, (Default) So if you're Gastly didn't have it when you caught it, it isn't going to learn it at all. Your best bet would be to get a Heart Scale and go to the Move Tutor in Blackthorn City to reteach it.

Sidenote: If you trade your Haunter to any game, it will at that point automatically evolve into Gengar who also has Hypnosis as a Level 1 (Default) Move.
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MeepYo answered:

Hypnosis is learned by Gastly and Haunter at level 1. To get it to learn hypnosis at a higher level you have to take it to the move tutor in Blackthorn city and trade a heart scale for the move. The best place I've found for references like this is It's a pokedex for Platinum but all the stats and such are basically the same in HG and SS. Also, it'd be a good idea to evolve the Haunter. As a Gengar it will learn basically all the same moves, and yet have higher stats.
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westwood49 answered:

you can get them in the game and they already come with hypnosis, but if you are planning on putting the legendary dogs to sleep to try to catch them easier dont even bother because even when they are sleeping they still run after the first turn so your best bet is to gust throw a pokeball and hope for the best or is you have any spare masterballs from previous games you can trade them in and get them that way. Reguardles of how you do it the dogs run after the first turn even if they are asleep which makes NO SENCE but thats how it is.
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eli36397 answered:

Haunter has Hypnosis as a base move. If you have gotten to Blackthorn City, you can teach it to your Haunter at the Move Tutor. (To get a Heart Scale for payment, you can smash rocks until you find one.)

You might want to consider teaching Mean Look as well, so Entei/Raikou won't flee until you switch Pokemon.
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WolfUrameshi answered:

You shouldn't use Haunter/Gengar. Their Ghost/Poison types are lethal and they have low special defense... at least in my experience, they sucked epically.
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Deefrenzy41 answered:

To get Gengar must trade with some one it learns Hypnosis bye heart scale guy in black thorne
but a better way is paraleyze (ThunderWave)then get on 1 hp (FalseSwipe) then throw out a Tranpich with Arena Trap then chuck Ultra,Nest,Timer,Quick,Poke,Great just keep chucking them
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aggyadhika answered:

If you want to use that tactic you should raise its special defense and defense because its not have really strong defense
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Cryranos answered:

Hypnosis is a level 1 move for Gastly/Haunter but I don't think it is for Gengar. Just keep smashing rocks for the Heart Scale.

The arena trap/mean look tactics don't generally work well, since Raikou and Entei will just roar and make YOU flee.

Use dusk balls at night for 4x capture rate, the best for the legendaries that weigh under 600 lbs. Quick balls are OK, but only in the first 5 turns.
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