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Is there an easier way to catch him!?!?!?!? i used my master ball on raikou, and entei has like 15-20 hp left?

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ok well, i tried the following: heavyball,duskball,greatball,AND netball. all fails.....but now i have gengar with mean look!

munchexlax provided additional details:

Ok i used a pokemon to paralyse it and it has 1 hp left. still no sucsess, but now i have 10 quick balls..

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forcemaster24 answered:

Try putting a Pokemon with a move such as Mean Look or an ability such as Shadow Tag into the first position of your party. That will prevent Entei from fleeing from you. Other than that, you just have to keep at it.Using a ball with a better chance of catching Entei will also help, such as using a Dusk Ball at night.
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GamerCorp answered:

What forcemaster24 said is right, but one might also find it easier to use a fast ball at the beginning of he battle or a timer ball after about ten minutes. It may take longer for the timer ball to work, though. I was battling Entei for an hour before it finally stayed in the last timer ball (and pokeball) I had.
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andibad answered:

try arena trap ability. Timer ball? This ball are rare at soul silver. Oh but found some place yet.
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pichufreak answered:

Put it to sleep i caught after i put it to sleep but used a few ultraballs.
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NerdHerd006 answered:

A fast ball made by an apricorn by the artisan Kurt may have an increased advantage over Entei. And like stated above, the Arena trap/mean look/ status problem seems to help. Other than that, just keep trying.
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Darkcat1 answered:

Catching the wandering pokemon is hard. Heck I spent the better part of a month throwing ultra balls at Cresslia(in my diamond game) with about 1-2 HP before I got that moon dragon(false swipe rocks). First up a haunter/gengar with mean look and hypnosis will help you bigtime(I didn't have this in diamond) since sleep makes things easier to catch and mean look will keep Entei from running away. Then you'll just have to get lucky with the pokeballs. To start with quick balls rock on the first turn and then you can try quick balls and ulrta balls. It's also a matter of luck so just keep it up...
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Im_Solid_Snake answered:

I used False Swipe a few times to make sure it's health was 1, then I used a ton of ultra-balls to no avail, but I got extremely lucky when I thought 'What the heck' and threw a Great-Ball. I put it asleep before hand as well.
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BlueSophia answered:

Note- Entei WILL roar your pokemon away and if it does, then you will never see it again. So here is the general idea.

First track it down and use THUNDER WAVE on it to slow it down. It will still flee but that is another issue. Then, once you use Mean look, swap to a pokemon that cannot be roared away like Cradily. Then you can keep chucking balls at it.

However, i tend to paralyze the pokemon and then keep chasing while using quick balls. Having them flee is better than having them ROAR.
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Magnemega answered:

I don't believe Quick Balls are the right balls to use on the Legendary Beasts. While they do flee quickly, they don't appear to be the fastest pokemon, so Ultra and Dusk Balls may be your best bet.
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Halvy12 answered:

Just get a Fardfech'd or how ever you spell it to level 60 or some high level and teach it false swipe, you can get that at goldenrod's huge store. Use it and get it to 1 hp and use ultra balls while following them.
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cxdzgamers answered:

For better succes rate freeze it or make it sleep and the ball you should use is ultra ball, great ball, poke ball...those three are the best.
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redsoxfan3000 answered:

Well i would say try to freeze or put him to sleep since he flees if you have another DS then you can bring a pokemon to your soulsilver/heartgold and have it with that tag you can use to not let it flee. my choice would be Heavy Ball,Ultra Ball, or {If your pokemon are stronger than the entei then use Level Balls those are my suggestions!
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Lexaes answered:

Overall, it's VERY simple. Paralyze/put to sleep (running pokemon) & take some hp until it's near fainting. Then, use a pokemon with false swipe to bring it down to 1 hp. Buy ALOT of ultra balls & when you face off with him to catch him, bring a pokemon with the ability Arena Trap(Trapinch, Diglet, or Dugtrio) or Shadow tag (Wobbuffet or Wynaut) or a Pokemon with mean look & hypnosis(I chose sleep so he wouldn't run away). you really don't need any special pokeballs ,though. I managed to catch Raikou & Entei before getting the eighth badge with this method.
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