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Can I trade Pokemon from my Diamond to Soul Silver game?

My situation is that I have one DS, and a Diamond and Soul Silver cartridge. I'd like to trade Pokemon from my Diamond game into my Soul Silver one, but with only one DS it is a bit difficult.

Is there any simple way to doing this?

Thank you very much.

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lappis9 answered:

Well, if you have a Wii, then the game "My pokemon ranch" would be a big help :\
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naruto623 answered:

One way is through the GTS but it's somewhat risky
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KBlack2595 answered:

GTS or u can ask a freind who has a ds i am having the same problem
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DakotaThrice answered:

You can trade from DPPt as soon as you can access a Pokemon Centre. If you only have one DS available post on the boards asking for a transfer. There'll be someone who'll help you out.
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NEKO4052 answered:

YOU CAN. I GOT A dialga lv.100 yesterday
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mnkysprn answered:

The simplest answer is buy another DS.

I did that to trade between Diamond and Pearl, as well as transfer pkmn from the pkmn ranger games.
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twillycool3 answered:

1 Question naruto623, how is it risky !???
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josk8_20 answered:

It's risky because if another player have the "wanted pokemon" u can lose the pokemon u are trading from ur diamond to your soul silver.
that's why..
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koeke14 answered:

You can ask someone on the trading board to hold your Pokemon from Diamond a few min. Then trade with him through HG/SS. Hope this helps!
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