Question from TheZuperHero

Asked: 4 years ago

Does anyone have any tips for the Pennant Capture?

I just cannot beat the record to save my life. Any tips or team recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

From: YoshiStar13 4 years ago

Oh my, hard. Use a very fast pokemon, but yet is powerful. Like Raquaza.
At the beggining, it is usually a straight line to the right side of the stage.
the max you can hold is 9.
Hit people in the back ot take their flags, but be carefull, they can take yours.
At the final countdown, quickly return back to the finish line, to get rid of all remaining points.
If you do not reach the finish line before the countdown is over, it will not count those pennants.
Even if it is not yet done with the flag count after the countdown is over, you will still recieve those points.
Aim for above 35, they will never go higher than that, because that will give you a high score( to acess the 4th room, down stairs.)
It is hard, probably the hardest game, it is the one game I haven't beat the high score in.

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If I were you I would stay on the sides.=)

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