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alright, im going to fight lance, raikou and kenya fainted, and i REALLY needed raikou, and i have no revives, i have umbreon,feraligator,lugia,red gyrados. can i beat him?

munchexlax provided additional details:

Well, im lucky bc both feraligator and gyrados knows icefang! i just have trouble with gyrados!

SirRonny asked for clarification:

What level are your Pokemon?


Newgamer2009 answered:

maybe,if you have an ice move on you your in luck,it's super effected to almost all of his pokemon.

an ice move does 4x the damage to his 3 Dragonites

and your water pokemon finish his Charizard and Ayrodactle
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BlueSophia answered:

For Gyarados, meet it with a pokemon and then swap out for Feraligatr so that it is not hindered by intimidate. It can take most of Gyarados' attacks and with its low defenses, Feraligatr can keep up the hits while dealing more damage.
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angelbabv answered:

Use ice moves. dragon pokemon are really weak to ice moves
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randomjunk23 answered:

I have an ampharos, that i traded to my diamond , and Ev trained its sp, atck. so now, it uses one tunderbolt, and kills garados in one hit! an electric for it and also, a sp. atk electric so you dont have to worrie about intimadate.
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chelsea067 answered:

Be careful Lance's pokemon changes

EG. 1st time 3 Dragonites and whatever

2nd time he had a spitritomb with him without another of his gyarados'
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lazymaster02 answered:

All u need r 2 pokemon, lugia and fraligator, for gyarados just use a crunch with fraligator, after your done with him, just use ice fang on the rest of the guys except charizard and areodactyl, use lugia on both of them and just use hydropump, this is what i did and i beat him 1st try.
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n3croart answered:

I taught Lugia Blizzard. You can buy it from the Goldrenrod department store. Make sure Lugia is at least Lv. 50+
You should use Blizzard against Lance's Dragonite's.
Aerodactyl was a tough one. Hose it down with your Feraligatr and/or Gyarados (that is if your Gyarardos has any Water type moves. Waterfall (adamant nature) is quite good)
I used Ampharos to deal with Lance's Gyarados - since your Raikou has fainted, perhaps try your Gyarados or Feraligatr - water type moves are not effective against water types. Lugia may also help.
I would hose down Charizard with Water or use a Rock type move.

If you cannot defeat Lance, teach one of your Pokemon an electric-type move. It isn't necessary to capture an Electric type and train it. Lugia can learn Thunder - you can buy it from the Goldenrod store.
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santi111222 answered:

If you have lugia train it make sure it has ancient power(To kill the 3 dragonites of course) hydro pump for aerodoctyl and charizard and i don't know which pokemon for gyrados.(Lance's gyrados)
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envoyous answered:

Anything with a thunderbolt or strong enough electric attack kill it. Or rock move to due to it being a flying type.
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the_allmighty answered:

Have Lugia learn: Thunder, Ancient Power, Hydro Pump and Aeroblast. Thunder to take care of gyarados, Ancient Power or Thunder to kill his Dragonites, Hydro Pump or Thunder to get his Aerodoctyl and his Charisard, and then you are done!!
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Poowis121 answered:

Ice-type finish moves are very useful
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itachi3xa answered:

I beat elite 4 plus lance only using my pikachu ^-^ it has hidden power n its ice type so i am set .
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luke7875 answered:

First of all go to the ice cave then capture ice types train them to high evels then come back with an entire teame of ice types but leave one strong water type in your teame for lance's charizard
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