Question from xEFUJxFragbait

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I recieve the Extremespeed Dratini from the Elder?

I used the Walkthrough to answer correctly, and at the time didn't have a slot open. However, according to the walkthrough, you can return later and get it. I have done so on multiple occasions and have not been offered the Dratini! Is there something I may have missed?
I'm running the US Version (Legit, of course) of SoulSilver.

Additional details - 4 years ago

Ah...I had to return to the Gym to see Claire. That fixed it. Thank you!

Accepted Answer

From: Saric92 4 years ago

Did you get everything from Claire? The TM? Other than this, I see no problem here.

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Have you received the TM from Clair? She's near the entrance of the Dragon's Den. You should be offered the Dratini after getting the TM.

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