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How do I get the Red Orb?

I have obtained all the requirements that says, but I just can't get it to work. Help me out please.

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SmokeRulz answered:

You need to obtain the National Pokedex and a Kanto starter from Professor Oak. Beating Red is a requirement to getting a Kanto starter from him. Once these are done, talk to Mr. Pokemon on Route 30.
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randomjunk23 answered:

Ok now i have a question what in the red orb
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Dizipoo answered:

After you beat Red on Mt Silver you will get the orb (SS = Red Orb, HG = Blue Orb) from Prof Oak. Then you go to Cianwood City and go into the cave that takes you to 47 and on to the Cliff Cave. After you go thru the cave, surf across some water to a rock climb and you will meet up with either Kyogre (HG) or Groudon (SS). After you catch one of these new Pokemon, you will go on to yet another battle.
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The_Red_Gyrados answered:

Another battle with what?
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49ersgiantsfan answered:

You must have beaten Red to be able to obtain the Red/Blue orb according to the version you are playing. If you play Heart Gold, you will fight a Kyogre, while in Soul Silver, you will fight a Groudon. Once you have both of them that are caught in the Embedded Tower (you must trade for the other), you will obtain the Jade Orb that will allow you to battle Rayquaza.
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Giorgios answered:

First beat red then talk to prof. oak and get the kanto starter then talk to mr. pokemon he will give you the red orb \ blue orb then got to embedded tower (route 47) then you will be able to battle Groudon\Kyogre.
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