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What is the best non starter or non legendary water Pokemon?

I can't seem to find a pokemon that has good stats with good water moves :(

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Jamey23 answered:

Kingdra,its a Dragon Water Type so not alot of types can damage it
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xian7 answered:

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prinnyamongmen answered:

Swampert is the absolute best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though you asked for a non-starter.

Gyarados is an excellent, omni-accessible physical water-type sweeper. Watch out for any electrical poles though.

Bulky Waters do a great job at, er, being bulky. There are quite a few Pokemon in this category.

Manaphy is an all-arounder. Its base stats are 100 across the board, meaning it can serve as almost anything, more particularly at special sweeping with Tail Glow.
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randomjunk23 answered:

ok my opinion (if your talking about national) MILOTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and manaphy is a legend just so you know and also as prinnyamongmen (wow try to say that 10 times fast) garados is just like milotic only it has atack instead of Sp. atk
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JDZ200 answered:

either Lapras or Milotic
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mobiusdiablo answered:

Well, it depends. I usually desire monsterous attack, so I generally opt for Gyarados...but if you need defense or special attack, it's not the best.
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andyy_pandy5 answered:

I recommend a lanturn because it's electric and water type, and its stats aren't too bad either.
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Jb360FireDragon answered:

Lapras, Milotic, or Gyarados
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Gam3_Bo1 answered:

I have found Vaporeon to be one of the best water types. My Vaporeon, in all the games have been absolute TANKS. ((Note that this is without picky stuff like getting benificial natures)) They've been able to take several super effective hits thanks to high special def. and can really deal out damage with high Special attk. HP hasn't been too shabby either. Of course, most of it's good water moves are HMs like surf and waterfall... but Aqua Ring at later levels is very nice!
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Topher65 answered:

i like gyarados and kingler.
Gyarados is strong, but can't take electric type moves as well as kingler.
Kingler is fast and has a pretty high defense.
I like them both, but neither of their pre-evolved forms are very strong.(magikarp and krabby)
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pokemonrocker13 answered:

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Pokegirl answered:

It depends on what you want to accomplish with said Water-type. If you want something that can set up on your opponents so whatever's next is safer, I'd go with Vaporeon. It has access to Wish, Acid Armor, Substitute and Baton Pass. If you want attack power, I'd go with either Kingler or Crawdaunt. They play pretty much the same, the only advantage Crawdaunt has is the ability to get STAB off of Dark moves as well. If you want something to sit there and wall, Vaporeon again (different moves), Lapras, or Milotic.
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linkawsome answered:

It's actually never been figured out.No one knows what the best water type Pokemon is.But i suggest kingdra.
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lonerx2009 answered:

The best water types are Wailord , Lanturn, Kindra , and starmie
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TheOmegaMetroid answered:

I usually go with Gyarados, but Lapras has better typing for the Elite Four and online battles, while Politoed is good, too, and Octillery can learn moves of any type except Dragon or Ghost. If you can find the fossils, you might want to try Omastar or Kabutops, although their stats only add up to 495. Never tried Vaporeon, for some reason.
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infernape612 answered:

I ended up with a Quagsire, and it's served me well throughout SoulSilver. Watch out for the Grass types, though.
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taka3000000o answered:

I'd have to say lanturn and i recomend teaching him blizzard good against lance
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