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How do i find the three legendary birds ?

Like i need help finding zapdos, articuno, and moltres and knowing which hm's i need to use to get to them and thanks

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BlackArmor15 answered:

Moltres- Mt. Silver after you obtained all 16 badges
Zapdos- Find the missing generator on the Power Plant then obatain all 16 badges, will appear outside the Power Plant.
Articuno- On Sefoam Island.
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DemondatArms answered:

SURF: Seafoam island, Power Plant


hope this helps ^_^
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Billy_123cute answered:

If you beat the elite 4 and migrate to Pokemon leaf green or fire red,you can see.........
Zapdos:Power plant

Articuno:Seafoam Islands

Moltres:Mt. Ember
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