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How do you evolve Magneton?

How do you evolve MAGNETON into MAGNEZONE?

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Do you mean Curelian Cave, Victory Road or Mt. Silver?

DemondatArms provided additional details:

Oh sorry Mt. Coronet.

Accepted Answer

BlackArmor15 answered:

There is actually no way to evolve magneton in this SS/HG. You need to trade it from DP/ Platinum to get a magneone. To get a magnezone level up a magneton in the mt. coronet of DP/Platinum.
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Zaeolus answered:

In D/P/Pt you actually have to level up the Magneton while in... that cave, the really big cave, can't remember the name. The one with Spear Pillar on top, so I don't think there is actually a way to evolve it in HG/SS, you'll have to trade it to D/P/Pt and evolve it there.
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