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How can i reset my pokewalker?

I created a new game and i forgot i had my larvitar in my pokewalker and now i cant use it.AND I JUST DOWNLOADED THE YELLOW FOREST AND I AM ANXIOUS .[sorry for the caps]

i need help guys QUICK PLEASE.

also i lost the manuals so i cant check.

kazegami14 provided additional details:

I tried that but it does not work.could you be more specific in where to do that?

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KarterYur answered:

To set a Pokewalker back to it's original settings, go to the Pokewalker Connection Screen and press & hold:

* Down + X + L

Once you have done this, either a new Pokewalker, or an old one that you reset will be able to be synced with the game as you did when you first set it up.

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SkaterUB answered:

Press and hold down; Down on directional pad, X, and L. A caution message should show up and continue from there.
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SkaterUB answered:

Oh damn lol I totally forgot to tell you that you have to be in the PokeWalker screen where it says; Go for stroll etc. Im sorry man.

When you're in the Pokewalker screen you press and hold; Down on directional pad, X, and L.

Sorry about that dude.
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jlee5653 answered:

Try here
it were i learned to reset mine.
hope i helped?
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