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ES dratini help?

Okay, I answered the questions right (using a guide), got the TM and badge from Clair, and caught lugia. When I talk to the guy he just talks about the silver wing and lugia. How do i get dratini? I haven't even gotten a regular one!

llamalord3 provided additional details:

My gosh! I clearly stated that I had caught lugia and answered the questions right! I used like five guides to check.

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Still nobody that can read?

llamalord3 provided additional details:

Okay, so I finally realized that my little sister was useing my DS, obtained my dratini, and traded it to HER game...
So problem solved, I guess.


Deefrenzy41 answered:

You must have caught/defeat Lugia and have a free space in your party
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ToonLink64 answered:

if you did not answer questions correctly, you are screwed out of getting it.

answer these


then leave, and enter again, talk to him with an empty slot, and there you go.
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psp787 answered:

The test that the elder gives you should be fairly intuitive as long as you show a little bit of heart and think of what the nicest, most team-oriented answers are. But if you'd really like to get that Dratini without any fuss, here are the correct answers to the questions he asks you:

1. What are Pokemon to you?
2. What helps you to win battles?
3. What kind of Trainer do you wish to battle?
4. What is most important for raising Pokemon?
5. Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. Which is more important?

That should result in him giving you the ExtremeSpeed Dratini. Awesome! As long as he didn't cough and glance off to the side at any point, that means you'll have gotten it. Otherwise, reset (assuming you saved before taking the test) and try again.

You can get your Dratini as soon as Clair has given you TM59 (Dragon Pulse) on your way out of the Dragon's Den after she gives it to you, come back and talk to the elder with an empty spot in your team.
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shadow_thief13 answered:

It's answered in the other answers if you look past the comments about needing lugia and about the quiz. All you need once you answer the questions is to leave, and come back to talk to him with an empty spot in your party.
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gamemaster15562 answered:

Dragons Den Or for 2,100 conies
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