Question from FrankP831

After you beat red?

Whats next?

FrankP831 provided additional details:

What you do after that?

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nintendoman98 answered:

Well once you have beat Red you can now get the Hoenn starters in Silph Co. in Saffron City. You go inside Silph Co. and talk to Steven and he will ask you after a quick little talk if you had steps in front of you, what you would pick. If you choose green steps he will give you Treecko, blue steps are Mudkip, and red steps are Torchic. Make sure you have an open slot in your party so you can get your Hoenn starter. You can also get Kanto starters. If you go to Professor Oak in Pallet Town, he will tell you to pick one of the Pokeballs behind you. It's a good idea to open all of the Pokeballs just to have them in your Pokedex. Both of the Hoenn starters and Kanto starters you pick will be at Level 5. Hope I helped.
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LeitorDS answered:

Go get all the phone numbers, go capture all legendaries, go to battle frontier, go to pokeathlon, go to safari zone, go complete your pokedex, DO WHAT YOU WANT!!!!!! THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!!
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AZKevin answered:

- You can get Kanto Starters
- You can get Hoenn Starters
- You are able to obtain Groudon (Soulsilver) or Kyogre (Heartgold)
- Pokemon League Re-challenge, (They have beefed up Pokemon now, level 60+)

That's basically it ._.
I'm sure events will come out soon as well.
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