Question from sylas96

Where can I find and get to olivine gym leader?

He/she is up in the top of the lighthoue but what item do I need and how do i get it...

sylas96 provided additional details:

Yes but how do you GET to the top of the tower????

minecraftman6 asked for clarification:

How do i get to olvine clanwood and past the guy with the rage candy bars


Icedragon26 answered:

After meeting Jasmine at the top of the lighthouse, surf southwest from Olivine City to Cianwood City(surf is obtained by beating the rocket grunt who is harassing the kimono girl inside the dance theater in Ecruteak City). Then, beat Gym Leader Chuck and obtain the Secretpotion from the herbal remedy shop, fly back to Olivine City, and deliver the Secretpotion to Jasmine.
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Dusk277 answered:

Go up the path that the trainer are at and when you think you are at a dead end then go to the right walla and walk to the middle of it. There should be like some window or something that you walk through and you fall down and can the proceed to take this path to the top with no more tricks lol. This confused me as well, Hope this helps.
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tylie_uchiha answered:

you do NOT need to defeat chuck first. just obtain the secret potion in cianwood and go back to olivine city , go to the lighthouse and at some point u will have to jump out a window. after that u shouldnt have a problem reaching jasmine and the sick ampharos.
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