Question from Rucadark

Asked: 4 years ago

I need to know which is a good flying type!?

I have a pidgey, but i dont know if there is a better one than pidgeot!
also i dont want to be too much like ash from the cartoons pokemon.
I have: CHikorita
Pikachu, and pidgey

One more thing: is hoothoot/noctowl better than pidgey/pidgeottot/pidgeot?

If you have any info on how to make my team better or ad any certain pokemon or switch a certain type for another pokemon of that same type, tell me i would love any advice! thnks~!

Accepted Answer

From: SilveRevlis 4 years ago

you have 2 choices, if you want offensive and speedy flying pokemon use a Pidgeot, and if you want a Special Defensive flying pokemon use Noctowl, but when you play your game for a while now catch a dratini and evolve it to dragonite, can be a massive flying pokemon.

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I would suggest getting Hoothoot/Noctowl because it also can be a good psychic type while being normal and flying.

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After you get the National Dex, get a shiny stone from the pokethlon and evolve togipi to togitic (happiness) and then into Togikiss. If you have some heart scales you can get it to remember aura sphere and air slash.

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