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How do i soak the tree pokemon?

Outside of the national park is a tree that is a pokemon and a flower lady standing by it says that i have to soak it. How?

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need2playgba answered:

1st~ Beat leader at the golden rod gym.
2nd~go to the flower shop.Its rite by the gym.
3rd~Talk to the owner there and she'll give you a squirt bottle.
4th~Go to the tree pokemon and press A.
5th~Select yes to water the tree.(it hates water)
6th~Beat or catch the Sudowoodo.
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pichufreak answered:

U have to get the squirtbottle from the flower shop then water the plant.
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eli36397 answered:

1. Defeat Whitney at the Goldenrod Gym.
2. Enter the flower shop to the right of the gym. Since you defeated Whitney, talk to the person there for a Squirtbottle.
3. Now that you have the Squirtbottle, go to the tree and press A, it will prompt you to use the Squirtbottle. Capture or defeat the Sudowoodo that appears and the tree will be gone forever.
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