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What is the AR code for a working PokeRus infection?

AR code for Soul Silver i already checked the AR Code board so if anyone knows please tell me. Thanks.

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sdonkeykong answered:

Pokerus AR code:
12069C5E 00004288
94000130 FFFE0000
12069C5E 00004280
D2000000 00000000
get in a wild battle and hold A after during the black screen after you defeat,catch, or run away.
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syam08 answered:

To make it simpler, you could use the trading board and ask for pokerus, if there's no way to trade globally you should check out
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chid28 answered:

I'm not sure if there is an AR code, however, if you download pokesav for hg and ss, you can create a code for any pokemon any level, with any moves, and you can choose if it is infected with pokerus.
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mrbebe2010 answered:

Dude get Pokemon modifier it dosent freeze and if you stay in the grass long enough you could get level 100. Warning, it sometimes takes forever to get to 100 and it only works in grass or maybe caves.
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banana65 answered:

dude y would u want pokerus
its messed up 2 of My games
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ycf answered:

I have a pokemon with PokeRus willing to trade for a Porygon the pokemon is a Lv 70 Kyogre from hoenn
FC: 3610 3828 8632 name Chris
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