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How do I get my Buneary to evolve?

I have had the Soothe Bell and had Buneary at the top of my party for a couple of hours, possibly 7hrs. I pretty sure it is happy, why will it not evolve?

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Darkcat1 answered:

It's a friendship evolution and what the other guy said applies. The way that you can speed this up is to take the pokemon you want to like you to the haircut brothers in the goldenrod city underground, use items on it, keep it in the lead position and if you've gotten to kanto blue's sister will give out free pokemon massages.(and yes the soothe bell helps but it's like +1 point per step)

All this will help the happiness level and get it to evolve for you.
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KFujii answered:

Go to Golden Rod and enter the house above and to the right of the Bike Shop (Right of the Department Store) and speak to the woman at the table. She'll tell you the "level" of happiness for the pokemon at the top of your team (the one following you).

If she says, "I get the feeling that it really trusts you." - Then that pokemon will evolve in just a few more happiness points or it will evolve if the amount of happiness reaches the minimum amount.

If you get, "It looks really happy! It must love you a lot." - It will surely evolve when it levels.

Anything other than those two, it won't evolve. So keep walking, massaging or hair salon'ing to raise happiness :]
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