Question from gumsalyer

How do I get past the snorlax by diglet's cave?

I hav used the lulleby but it never worked, beat all the gyms but brocks and the islands, and some other one, and i never hacked so it wouldn't do anything. Suggestions?

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KFujii answered:

Make sure you have the Expansion Card from Lavender Tower to access the Pokemon Flute channel on your radio. Have this song playing and then speak to Snorlax. :]
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Kingiekizz answered:

Yea but when you do the pokeflute channel point the little channel thing 2 the top of the pokemon talk channel.
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animegal98 answered:

So, do you get the Poke'flute channel once you get the Poke'flute?
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Darthshamwow answered:

get the expn card at the lavender tower after getting the power back on at the power plant. While next to snorlax go to the top of the poke radio and there will be a poke flute app after going on it talk to snorlax and prepare to fight.
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