Question from Codyhchief117

How Do you get the national pokedex in soul silver?

I have all of the pokemon from arceus to bulbasaur and i still cannot get it.

Accepted Answer

need2playgba answered:

1. beat Elite4
2. (you'll be @ ur house)
3. Go see Prof.Elm
4. (He's rite by ur house)
5. He'll give u the national pokedex
* hope i helped out! *
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gamercheatfreak answered:

you need to beat the elite 4 and go see prof. elm i believe. and then youll be able to go to the next region and you should have it.. If you used an AR code it probably screwed up your game if you cant get the national dex that way.
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penguin103 answered:

after beating the elite four, you will be tele'd to your house, then go into prof. elm's lab and he will give you it (or at least this is what i remember :P)
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danterocks123 answered:

Once you beat the elite 4, stop by Prof. Elm's lab. He will give you the ticket for the S.S. Anne. Fly to Olivine and go the the docks. Prof. Oak will stop you and give you the national dex before you depart.
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