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Where can I find stones(thunderstone, waterstone, firestone, duskstone, shinystone)?

I need all of them but i cant find any of them?

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GhostBabyZero answered:

All of them are given in the Bug Catching Contest randomly if you get 1st place after getting the National Pokedex. Also after getting the National Pokedex the stones will appear in certain days in the Pokeathlon. Those days are: Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for Thunderstone; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for Waterstone; Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for Firestone; Everyday except Wednesday and Sunday for Duskstone; Everyday except Tuesday and Friday for Shiny Stone. You can also get some of them by the people you register in the pokegear(phonebook) when they call you. Or by Bill's grandfather in Route 25.
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koeke14 answered:

You can get most stones at the Pokeathlon in National Park in Johto.
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astolos answered:

you can get all of them at the Pokethon Dome
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gamemaster15562 answered:

Mom buys them
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RJ082 answered:

Also if you go and see Bill's grandfather on Route 25 and show him the correct pokemon he will end up giving you 1 of each stone. Here are the pokemon you will need.

-Vulpix (Silver), (not sure about gold)
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RJ082 answered:

Sorry, correct the last pokemon on my list, its Picku you need, NOT Pickachu.
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