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Egg from Mr. Pokemon?

I'm wondering if there's any way to tell what kind of pokemon is going to hatch from the egg given to you at the beginning, because all I ever get from them is Togepi. Is there something I can do to get something else?

aari_thariinye provided additional details:

Well the thing is, I remember back in, I think it was Crystal (It may have been later, I don't remember which game), I once had an egg hatch into Elekid. I don't remember many details, but I was really hoping for something else, lol.

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MetalKingBoo answered:

The egg given to you by Mr. Pokemon is compulsory and will always be a Togepi.
It's part of the storyline after all, as back in Gold and Silver, Togepi was the very first egg Pokemon to be introduced.
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MetalKingBoo answered:

Ahh I remember.
You were actually given two eggs. The one from Mr. Pokemon (at the beginning) was always Togepi but you were supposedly given another egg later on in the game (I think before Goldenrod)

That second egg was able to hatch into 1 of 7 different Pokemon. Elekid must've been one of them. I'm not too sure what the others were.
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