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Soulsilver starter team help?

Okay, so I'm starting a new game on soulsilver and I can trade over practically any pokemon from platinum, I bred a bunch an want to know if it's a good team to go with cyndiquil (I don't have to pick him but he's my favorite starter in johto) My bred pokemon have power packed moves. I'm thinking about adding an elekid cause an electrivire is really powerful. Any other team suggestions or additions.

cyndiquil (elm)
spirittomb (platinum): shadow sneak, shadow ball, hyperbeam, faint attack
ralts (platinum): growl, teleport, magical leaf
scyther (platinum): quick attack, leer, false swip, aerial ace
pidgey (platinum): tackle, fly, air cutter, wing attack


Boomerang78 answered:

Well, there's really no "best" team out there.

You could go with Gabite, maybe.
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link5642 answered:

Well, your team seems kind of unbalanced, you should have a good normal type like togekiss, it can learn aura sphere, sky attack, air slash, thunderbolt, psychic, lots and lots of moves
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hallstromjr answered:

This team is fine for ingame, you shouldn't have to much of a problem. Last Pokemon i suggest is a water or a rock type could really help you out.
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GoJazz answered:

I would suggest not to have two flying-type pokemon. I would choose Scyther over Pidgeot but its up to you. Unless you plan on evolving Scyther into Scizor.
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