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Any way to catch Mewtwo(spelling?) without Master Ball???

I already used my Master Ball on Lugia... I almost caught Mewtwo(spelling?) with a Nest Ball b4 cuz his HP was really low. Can I , cuz I really want him out of any pokemon in dis game. Thx in advance everyone!!!!!!!

need2playgba provided additional details:

But you can't purchase masterballs......Can you???? Using dusk balls sounds good, though I've done that before and it didn't catch.......Also can I catch The fire bird pokemon(also in a cave) with the same thing??????? Thx again...


Okami_kon answered:

Well the most obvious thing to do would be just get it as low as you can then put it to sleep and just keep throwing ultraballs til you catch it.

Maybe a better way to go at it would be to get a male Rattata train it to lvl 34 so it learns endeavour then breed it with a ditto or another rattata then you get a lvl 1 rattata with endeavour if you put a focus sash on it. Then when you face mewtwo use endeavour and that'll bring it down to 1 hp assuming mewtwo used an attack. Then switch to a pokemon with hypnosis or spore or sleep powder and just throw ultraballs until you run out.
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roguezam answered:

I suggest that you purchase 99 masterballs and breed a rattata to make it know endeavor and then put mewtwo to sleep. Another strategy is to stock up on dusk balls cause they have twice the chance of catching mewtwo than ultra balls do...check out wikipedia if you want to know the catching formula.
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Odins_deciple answered:

I just used Dusk Balls until it was caught. Took about 30 with it paralyzed and in the red.
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halo3pwnsu answered:

You get a lot of ultra balls, get false swipe(department store) have it at about lv.40-45 and use false swipe untill he is at 1-HP then just start using your ultra balls.(he is Lv.70)
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MK_Miike answered:

I used a master ball ( migrated a bunch of master balls from saphire) but i know that it always helps to put a pokemon to sleep so u can catch it.
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rpj123 answered:

Use a strong pokemon that knows false swipe and another that knows hipnosis and use dark or ultra balls
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I DID IT!! I GOT ITS HEALTH REALLY LOW AND CAUGHT IT WITH LUXURY BALL! Didn't work with luxury on try 1 though but it works.
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the_allmighty answered:

You can get another Master Ball if you win the first prize in the lottery in the Jotho Radio Tower.
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baklasiestong11 answered:

Just lower his HP and use any status problem that is most effective. Bring strong pokemons. Just keep trying and you will get Mewtwo. I just damaged and paralyzed Mewtwo and used one Great Ball and I caught him.
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Shady_gstar answered:

Cataching mewtwo is very easy i used 1 dusk ball and caught
And i caught ho ho level 70 with 2 ultra balls and i still got my master ball left
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DiscoCola304 answered:

It may be more difficult in the DS games, but in FireRed, back in the day, I caught him with an ordinary Pokeball. It was actually easier to catch than Zapdos and Moltres.

Articuno, though.... If you aren't intentionally trying to catch the legendary Pokemon with normal Pokeballs than save an Ultra Ball for Articuno (or any Legendary ice Pokemon, it seems)
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d0nt3 answered:

ultra balls dusk balls or parlyize it make it asleep
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imaHUGEgamer answered:

probaly the best way is to stock up on ultra balls,master balls (if u have goten or havent used it already),and dusk balls.Oh and also get his hp the lowest u can and make him go to sleep or parilis i havnt caught him but thats how i would do it. p.s. keep chucking the pokeballs i reomended at him and sometimse u the x button in diferent ways.
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Tsukiama answered:

It's actually pretty simple get a pokemon with false swipe. I used my scyther I caught during the bug catching contest since scyther learns the move naturally without the need of a TM. Also put into your party a pokemon that knows a move that can put an enemy to sleep like hypnosis and a lvl 1 pokemon. I know it's odd to put in your party since mewtwo is lvl 70 but I'll explain in a little bit why you need to do this. Buy as many ultra balls as you can but also get dusk balls and level balls. now go to where mewtwo is save just right in front of him in case something goes wrong. use false swipe to get him down to 1 hp then switch to your pokemon with the sleep move and put him to sleep. this serves two purposes first pokemon suffering from status effects are easier to capture and two there is zero chance of him attacking till he wakes up. So switch to your lvl 1 pokemon and since he can't attack your pokemon is safe now use lvl balls on him. lvl balls are more affective the bigger the difference in the lvl of the pokemon you're fighting and the one that you are using so a 69 lvl difference makes them extremely effective. if you think he is about to wake up then switch pokemon and use ultra/dusk balls on him till he wakes up and put him back to sleep. you should have no problem catching him doing this but if you do then just reload your save and try again. that's how I caught my mewtwo got him after only a few pokeballs too.
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powerwoo answered:

Buy a hole lot of dusk balls and go for it
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BerryBob answered:

Dusk balls is 4x more powerful on Moltres, Mewtwo, pokemons in any cave and also in grass at night.

But i think that catching is very luck-based.
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SteelixKing answered:

The only way i can beat red is with mewtwo so i just buy at least 50 dusk balls and 50 timer balls and alot of revives and hyper potions & full restores but catch him before he uses struggle and paralyze him bring a higher level dark type for endurence like houndoom,honchkrow ect.
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