Question from Arceusmasterlim

Why does my game keep freezing?(Please answer immediately)

When it freeze I need to reset it and start all over again. Even if i dont use AR codes, it always freezes.


Malheureux answered:

Welllll. I may or may not be right but it seems as if your save data's corrupted. did you save with codes on? or it may just be ur game if you bought it preowned. if it's with the cheats then delete your current save by pressing UP+Select+B at the Press Start screen. If deleting the possibly corrupted data doesn't work then you may have to buy another copy. Good luck with whatever you do!
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kittycatcorn answered:

Adding to the Malheureux's answer. Have you dropped your DS lately? Or dropped the gamecard somewhere? Is the gamecard dusty?
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