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Asked: 4 years ago

Can you get Ho-Ho and Lugia both in this game and how?

I need help.

Accepted Answer

From: BlackArmor15 4 years ago

Yup yuo can get both ho-oh and lugia in this game.
if you have soul silver you can get lugia through the course of the story. you will need to get tidal bell and silver wing. You can battle and catch lugia after you got all the badges in johto and battle the Kimono in Ecruteak Theatre. Lugia is on the whirl islands

You can battle Ho-oh after you beat the Elite Four and got the Rainbow wing from the man in Pewter City. You will be able to battle her on the top of Bell tower in Ecruteak City. WISH THIS HELPS!!!!!!

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If you are playing soul silver you will get lugia get ho-oh you need to go to pewter city and talk to an old man(not insde house) and he will give you a rainbow wing.

if you are playing heart gold you get ho-oh get the silver wing do the same thing that you must do to get the rainbow wing in soulsilver.

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