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HOW can i get my eevee to evolve to leafeon?

I need it

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UmbreonGirl2010 answered:

If you have the game(s) Pokemon: Diamond,Pearl, or Platnium and you got an Eevee from Bill in Goldenrod City after you beat the Gym leader go to Eterna Forest and level up your Eevee near a MOSS COVERED ROCK but be sure you want to level it there because when you get Eevee it will be a level 25 and you'd probably would want to level it up somemore but if you want a Leafeon so badly you can go ahead and evolve it.
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jman5397 answered:

You cant in soul silver or heart gold.
In pokemon platinum, diamond, or pearl you can evolve it.
and trade it to your soul silver or heart gold.
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MetalKingBoo answered:

Adding to what jman5397 said:

In Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, you must level up an Eevee near the green-ish rock in Eterna Forest so it evolves to a Leafeon. But otherwise, follow jman's answer.
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