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How do you get the spikey eared pikachu/pichu for the illex forest?

How do you get it i want it and i dont even know where to get a pikachu/pichu does someone give it to you or do you have to catch it?


MetalKingBoo answered:

The spiky-eared Pichu is only available if you managed to get the Pikachu-coloured Pichu that was only available via Wi-Fi events.
That event has long been past and there's no news of the event happening again anytime soon.

Anyways, that Pikachu-coloured Pichu was required to activate an event in Ilex Forest, where the Spiky-Eared Pichu appears and becomes yours to keep
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the_allmighty answered:

I believe it works with any shiny pichu. just have it first place in your party and press a when you stand in front of the little "house" in the Ilex Forest
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the_allmighty answered:

You can cach a pickachu in the Vermilion forest (I believe it is called so) but you have to get an egg and it has to be a male pichu and it has to be shiney.
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