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How do I beat the elite four after I defeated Red?

Well i was doing a test run on red and i won my team is lol terrible
ho oh lv70
mewtwo lv70
Gengar lv64
raikou lv63
suicune lv50
and typhlosion lv 48
IMSTUCK!!! any strategies?

britney830 provided additional details:

well my sister doesnt think i deserve to win and i got to beat the Elite 4 b4 i can beat Red again.


Raidomso answered:

Firstly, I don't understand your question. You're asking how to beat the Elite Four, but you state you have already beaten Red, therefore you also must have beaten the Elite Four at least once.

Secondly, your team is terrible? Why do you think that? I beat Red with my team of Pokemon at an average level of 53..

Reformulate your question so that I might understand please.
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MetalKingBoo answered:

So you beaten Red but you can't beat the E4 (2nd Round)?
I'm guessing you haven't fought them yet and just went to fight Red straight away?

Well, chances are you will not be able to beat the E4. You must:
1. Train your Suicine and Typhlosion more, to the mid 60s (make them more useful).

2. Make sure your Pokemon has a good variety of strong moves, not just moves of the same type. Since you know the general types of each E4 member, try to get moves that'll cover those types, and a bit more.

3. Make sure to give Physical moves to Pokemon with good Attack stats, and Special moves to Pokemon with good Sp.Attack stats. For some Pokemon like Typhlosion and Ho-oh, try to have both Physical and Special moves.

4. For Lance, make sure you have a Pokemon with a strong Ice move like Ice Beam. Coz otherwise, his Dragons will dominate over your team.

That's all I can say. Hope this helps
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filgaiasagefox answered:

I found my togekiss at lv 79 with aura sphere a big help.

with water, ice and fire pokemon at similar levels, you're all set
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Erkki1313 answered:

First give your mewtwo/gengar quick claw, that helps you with with the Will. Start battle with Typhlosion/Ho-Oh to beat his Bronzong and Jynx. After that, battle with pokemon you give Quick Claw against Slowbro, Grumpig, Gardevoir and Xatu.

To Koga, use first some pokemon who have earthquake, if you don't have it, fightin attaks, if you dont have them either use Ho-Oh. To venomoth, use Ho-Oh too and Mewtwo to the rest.

To Bruno, use Ho-Oh's flying type attack(s) exept to lucario, you win it with Sacred Fire

For Karen, if you have that fightning attack, use it to Wealive, Umbreon, Houndoom and Absol. To Spiritomb, if Mewtwo has Miracle Eye, use it, then Psychic, but if not, use something like Sacred Fire. for Honchcrow use Suicune if it has ice type attack, if not, teach one to it.

Lance is easier. First Suicune defeats easily all exept Charichard and Gyarados. To charichard, if you have any rock type attaks use them, but if you don't, use Suicune to wash it away. For Gyarados use electric type attacks. If you don't have any, teach some to someone.

I hope that helps!
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Erkki1313 answered:

I frogot say rotate Quick Claw between your most used pokemons and pack some ethers with you for Ho-Oh and heal items
I hope I help!
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