Question from PLAYER8888

Asked: 4 years ago

What happens after you beat the kimono girls?

Also where do i find lugia? and which pokemon should i use my master ball on?

Accepted Answer

From: MetalKingBoo 4 years ago

- After you've beaten them you must follow them to the Whirl Islands, where they will summon Lugia. So fly to Cianwood City and start surfing East.

- When you arrive at the 4 Whirlpool Islands, go to the top-right island. Follow the road while inside the island, taking the upper path at the fork ahead.

- Eventually you'll be in a brightly lit room, where you'll see a man blocking the only path. Talk to him and he'll let you through as you have the Sliver Feather.

- From there on, just follow the road down. Meet up with the Kimono Girls, watch an awesome scene, Save, and prepare to battle/capture it.

As for which Pokemon to use the Master Ball on, I'd say any of the roaming Pokemon (Entei, Raikou or Latias when it becomes available)

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