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How do I get the safari zone blocks?

I wasn't sure what category to put this in, but I have beaten the E4, and have the national dex, but I never got the call from Baoba talking about it. I did the second part of the test, getting the Sandshrew, after I got the national dex, so is it possible I somehow missed it?

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Well, I've tried visiting the safari zone, I even beat the E4 again, and still no call D:

Generic_Pancake provided additional details:

I just got the call.

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inthebox44 answered:

No, I don't think so, you just have to wait some more. He doesn't call you immediately after you do those things... it takes him a long time for some reason. It took him a while to call me, that's for sure. So I would wait, and if he STILL doesn't call you, then I would try contacting him, or revisiting the Safari Zone.

I hope this helps you!
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