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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find rare candy?

I need help leveling up my pokemon faster without using the daycare!

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Well, Rare Candies is a very lazy way... why don't you just train regularly?
One way you can find rare candies is by searching around the whole map with your itemfinder, and just hoping you stumble upon a rare candy...
Another way is to buy it at the Battle Frontier, and by not knowing what part of the game you're up to, this is available to you somewhere in the middle, or something... yeah... anyways, Battle Frontier, l believe it's like 16 BP.

ALSO, (l'm only 35% on this), maybe, maybe, on some day, it could also be available for purchase in the Pokeathelon shop.

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It is on sell in the battle frontier for 48bp good luck :)

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Also, if u have a pokemon that has the ability "pick up" just go out and start beating wild pokemon, u have a chance of getting a rare candy that way, although it's a small chance, if u wanna know any more, jsut get on, they have all sorts of information on there

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