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How do i get Kyogre, Groudon, and Raquaza on rout 47?

When i talk to the guy standing next to the cave he tells me he thinks the cave has a strong connection with the sea, air, and land and i want to know what i have to do there.

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When i talk to my pokemon they bark or glare in a random direction.

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Kyogre & Groudon are both available within this game. To access them, you need to obtain the Blue Orb if in Heart Gold or the Red Orb if in Soul Silver. These orbs are found from Mr. Pokemon after you have obtained the National Dex and received the Kanto starters from Professor Oak. With these orbs in hand, you need to head to a cave in Route 47, the Embedded Tower. Traverse the cave and you will find Kyogre if you're playing Heart Gold or Groudon if you are playing Soul Silver. They are at Level 50 so be prepared. Unlike Lugia & Ho-Oh, you cannot get both Pokemon in one game so you'll have to trade to get both.

Rayquaza is a legendary Pokemon whom you'll have the most trouble getting. To get Rayquaza, you have to take the Jade Orb to the same cave you obtained Kyogre or Groudon within. However, to get the Jade Orb, you need to have both Kyogre & Groudon. This includes the one you captured in your game and one you obtained in a trade, but captured within the Heart Gold or Soul Silver game only. Once you have these two Pokemon, go to Professor Oak and show them to him. He will give you the Jade Orb. With it, just go to the Embedded Tower and Rayquaza will appear
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