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Asked: 4 years ago

What/ where are the shiny leaves?

I keep hearing about shiny leaves. What/ where are they.

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From: kawinghau 4 years ago

They're a rare item, found when walking with your pokemon. When it is found by a Pokemon, it will have no apparent presence other than on that Pokemon's status screen. When a Shiny Leaf is shown to the player's friend, he or she will explain about them and request for the player to bring four more. When the player shows a single Pokemon with five Shiny Leaves attached to it, a star will be awarded for the Trainer card and a certificate that can be viewed when the player speaks to their childhood friend. He or she will then craft the Shiny Leaves into a Leaf Crown, which can be seen on that Pokemon's status screen in the same spot the Shiny Leaves were.

A Pokemon can find a Shiny Leaf while being in the grassy area of a route, but the specific route a certain Pokemon can find one depends on its nature. Due to its rarity, a Pokemon is not guaranteed to find a Shiny Leaf, even when the route and nature match. Whenever a Shiny Leaf is found, upon examination, the Pokemon will jump and have an exclamation mark above its head, do a dance swaying from right to left, then finish off with a green musical note above its head.

Each Pokemon can only find one Shiny Leaf per route.

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