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What do i do next after i defeated the first 5 gyms in kanto?

Ok i need help i jus captured latios and i defeated the 5 gyms in kanto but i cant surf to get past out of fuschia city to cinnabar island because its blocked and i cant find the path to the west of cerulean city to get to pewter city i have a magnet train pass what do i do how do i get more badges i defeated the gyms in celadon,saffron,vermilion,cerulean,and fuschia city what do i do,i fixed the power plant what do i need to do?

Accepted Answer

kratos182 answered:

The next thing you should do is solve the power plant problem. If you have done this, a man in the radio tower should give you a kanto radio app for your radio. Play the pokeflute channel next to snorlax, causing you to battle it (level 50). Then take diglett cave to pewter city.
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kratos182 answered:

I forgot to say that the kanto radio tower is in lavender town, where the ghost tower used to be.
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