Question from shadowwolfz

How Do I Get Into Kanto?

Please I am trying to help my cousin get into Kanto but he can't he has tried everything and he is really mad. So please help me.


Dagger_Kirby answered:

To get into Kanto you must fly to Littleroot and Surf over to Tohjo Falls. If you mean post-Elite Four, you take the ferry there from the port in Olivine, south of the Pokecenter.
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vhfan3584 answered:

You take a ferry docked in Olivine City. (After you beat the Elite-Four)
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King-Yemma87 answered:

After defeating the Elite Four you will be given a ticket for the S.S. Aqua, which is in Olivine City. You take this ferry to Vermillion City and you would be in Kanto.
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