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Will this game allow you to travel to the kanto regionand will it have battles against the red gyrados trainer red and trainer blue?

supaswagman provided additional details:

I know that you CAN travel to Kanto but you dont catch the red gyrados lance does but i still need to know who is the kanto champion and if you can fight ash and gary aka trainers red and blue

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Darkrai75 answered:

Yes! Kanto will be included in HG/SS as well as the Mt. Silver battle with Red. There are also supposed to be a new area unlocked by trading over an Arceus from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum called Shinto Ruins and is near the ruins of Alph.
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3leggedbug111 answered:

From what I heard, no Kanto. But I am pretty sure there will be a red gyarados, but the trainer red and blue thing, I have no idea; but you can go to serebii.n et for an updated anwsers on the subject [when they get the answer of course]
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darkkaix17 answered:

I read on bulbapedia CoroCoro scans has confirmed that Kanto will be in heart gold and soulsilver and a new area west of the national park
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Pokemaster728 answered:

Darkrai75 is right.Go to for everything on pokemon.Including HG SS.
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